Your Special Wish List for Christmas


Don’t tell me you don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore… Even so, I’m sure you wish, you could still send him a letter ;) And what if Santa could make his shopping among a selection of talented French designers…

I look on Etsy and I wrote you a very special Christmas gift list




2015-11-02 15.56.04

Hélène Sophia designs unique, handcrafted jewellery with boho attitude. All created using natural, semi-precious gemstones and fine metals.


Long de Majorelle il_570xN.852870519_78r0collier Riviera


2015-11-02 16.14.26

Tatiana lives in Marseille where she products by hands all kind of beautiful glass bead necklaces

Collier l'ondéeil_570xN.788101651_92gh collier


2015-11-02 15.56.35

Andrew&Sabrina Cochran created their own handmade modern jewelry line named Azur. Azur comes from the French word meaning the blue sky – a cloudless blue sky. For Andrew & Sabina, this comes closest to expressing the purity and clarity of their state of mind when creating jewelry

il_570xN.694214520_l102Gold ringil_570xN.730890386_ai4b



2015-11-02 15.58.59

Sara Ams is a talented textile designer. She studied at les Beaux-Arts in Lyon and has worked for luxury brands. All the scarves that she delicatly designed are manufactured in Lyon, city historically known for its production of silk from the 16th century.

il_570xN.724453083_l8b2il_570xN.702571463_okvj il_570xN.724452335_5jmo


2015-11-02 15.59.29

Mes Petites Pelotes: Two French passionates (mother and daughter) of knitting. They offer a wide range of knitwear 100% handmade for women (dresses, tops, cardigans …), for men (sweaters, scarves, hats ..) and children.




2015-11-02 15.58.31

Floriane Touitou creates these elegants origami animals, 100% handmade in her Parisian workshop, since 2014.

il_570xN.855365938_1g7kil_570xN.857747212_kkpa il_570xN.825775009_i6kz


2015-11-02 16.08.40

Albane is a French photographer who lives in Paris. She likes to find great color associations and create large murals. Her photography themes are Paris, New York and Copenhagen. She love details, such as boats, cars, horses, bottles of wine or perfume…

Paris photography Paris photoil_570xN.714827967_mcyr

Please leave a comment and tell me, what are the favorites you would like to add on your list?

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  1. Thank you so much dear Cécile for your nice and inspiring article!

    I am delighted you liked my necklaces. To thank you and all your fellow readers, I am very pleased to give you this coupon: EtVoila10 – it’s 10% on all my Etsy shop BijouxDeTania, it’s until XMas and guess what? it’s just for Et Voila! ;)

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