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Are you like me? So excited about packing for Summer vacation! Especially when it comes to beauty case. I love to spend time in French Pharmacies to check new products or just fill a basket with the ones that I alredy trust since a long time. I make a small review here about the products you need to stay cool and fresh and to protect your skin from the damage of the sun. I choose them to be rather unexpensive, made from natural ingredients and without parabens and phénoxyéthanols.
First concern in the Summer: the feet! I don’t know if it’s because they were confined all winter long but when sunny days allow me to let them breath again they usually start Summer season in a very bad shape… hot feet, calluses, dry skin… it’s about time to take care of them! My number 1 foot cream is “une Olive en Provence” made with extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to its fresh mint crystals, this treatment features an effective toner effect. Butcher’s Broom, red vine and arnica improve circulation, while thyme, sage and rosemary release their disinfecting properties. Highly effective and it smells so good!
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Then, hairs… pool chlorine, sea salt, sun burnt… our hairs really need a special treatment all Summer long. A little of olive oil before you rince is a good start but to me the most fabulous one is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.
Because yes, this multi-purpose oil, formulated with nourishing Vitamin E isn’t only fantastic to rehabilitate stressed skin and maintain its optimal hydration levels. It’s also a perfect haircare product during Summer. I apply it on my hairs on the beach just before bathing and I remove it with a shampoo in the late afternoon. Doing this, my hairs are nourrished and protected all day long…
You can also of course apply it directly to skin or add a drop to bathwater. Did I tell you about its fragrance…it’s so addictive that Nuxe even decided to make a “Prodigieux Le Parfum” with warm notes of Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Magnolia, Vanilla and Coconut Milk that reminds Summer vacation!
Next, will be face skincare. And it starts long before the beach. As soon as the sun is shining in Paris streets, I use a SPF 50 protection on my face. I first use a high protection SPF50+ BB tinted cream like this one specially designed for sensitive skin and for the protection of the face.
Of course, this famous French thermal spring water brand also offers a whole range of suncare products, even for sensitive or sun allergy-prone skin.

My last choice goes for a kind of “old fashioned” body product that reminds me my grand-mother and that I love so much!


Specially created 60 yeas ago, Friction de Foucaud is a blend of essential oils and natural extracts.
Its unique composition of essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, sweet orange, lemon from Italy and natural extracts of menthol and camphor delivers a refreshing tingling effect and a renewed sensation of energy and well-being. It is also ideal to use after sport.

And you? What are your favorite products that you won’t consider leaving without?

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