Why Shaping Your Style is a Good Anti-Aging

Do you feel sometimes like hanging around the whole day in pyjamas…

You’re dreaming at a time when you will « lay down the arms » and you’ll be able wear shapeless tracksuits and slippers. And nobody will care? Nobody… I don’t know… You may be?

Sweatshirt via Boden

Or, at the opposite, like Christine wrote me, you want to stay stylish but you don’t want to go too far :  « I like to mix modern trends with a classic look. I dislike blogs such as Advanced Style, which shows older people wearing funny hats and loud prints and looking like clowns. On the other hand, I don’t want to look dowdy or matronly. I hope I can age gracefully and elegantly ».

Well, I agree, sometimes we get lost among dress rules about aging that say  « don’t wear this », « don’t do that »…

Aren’t we old enough to decide on our own « sartorial bans ».

If you sufficiently know yourself, what about just trusting your own instinct?

One day, I woke up and I wasn’t attract by my short dresses/skirts anymore. My legs haven’t changed that much though but I just didn’t feel like I would be comfortable and happy to wear them. That was no big deal for me and I didn’t experience it as an abdication or as if I was getting old for that one reason… At the opposite, I know older women than me who still wear these short cuts with flats and look totally chic and comfortable with it. Why not? Every woman should be able to choose what makes her confident.

And I think that one of the most important thing about dressing is that it should make you smile and feels good!

Chanel used to say: « If a woman is badly dressed, we notice her dress, but if she is well dressed, we just pay attention to her »


Of course, Chanel was aware about fashion and elegance and this quote underlines the importance of it. But for me, it also has an other meaning. Well dressed doesn’t mean you have to pay a great sum of money to wear high end clothes. Well dressed means wearing the right clothes for you. The ones that enhance your personnality. That help you irradiate something different. That help you feeling good and confident. And that’s why people will notice you first, not your dress.

Of course, it does not prevent anyone from asking where the dress comes from! But if it is worth you compliments, it is first because you wear it well.

Since you get older, you faced a lot of life changes and body transformations. Then, your style has probably evolved. One day, you don’t recognize you anymore in a cut, a color or a pair of shoes that you had adored. We get tired of what was our favorite »uniforms »… C’est la vie!

1) Have a fresh look at your silhouette

We realize it or not, pregnancies, hormones, joys and sorrows have transformed our bodies. Some are more lucky than others than others. But we all tend to take weight on the top and to have slimmer legs. Try to be honest with yourself. But don’t  be too severe. Respect what the mirror tells you trying not to focus on a bulge here and there. Not so easy… I know. I noticed that most of women are wrong in size, dressing too big or too small. Do not stay on your beliefs, you may have lost – or won – a size of pants or shirt. Make some tries.

Find pieces that match your style and your morphology. Not the one of a magazine picture, a Pinterest board or an Instagram post… these can help having new ideas, new inspirations but don’t be stuck with it.

Show your ankles, your forearms, a cleavage … play with heights, proportions and volumes.

Same for your glasses or your jewerly : try new eyeglass frames ; don’t focus on wearing your traditional pearl or gold neckless everyday. May be you could shift for a more modern one.

necklace fom « Medecine Douce »

2) Be open for some changes

Years after years, fashion and trends are moving. The tastes and the silhouettes too. Getting older, you might desire a wardrobe more daring or at the opposite more sober. We are lucky to live in a time where we are free to dress the way we like. Listen to your deep desires! It’s a good time to think about what’s bothering you, what’s tempting you and to re-edit your wardrobe. Try new shapes, new cuts.

coat Leon&Harper (pic. via Smallable)

This winter, the waists are higher, the dresses are longer, the trousers are wider, the coats are bigger … I don’t tell: copy paste all this new lines and trends. I suggest to stay curious, have a look and decide what is good for you, or not.

3) Rely on well tailored cuts

Like good foundations for a building, a good garnement can hold us. I mean: we don’t stand (and behave) the same way in a softened dress or a shapeless pants as in a well-cut piece. Getting older, it is therefore even more interesting to be attentive to this matter. Fabrics types largely impact the aesthetic and the shape of a garment. They can add a dynamic pace to your silhouette.

Masscob skirt (pic via Smallable)

4) Think about details that give style

Every details counts. Not the accumulation of « too-heavy » details as froufrous and rhinestones that try to compensate – in vain – the mediocrity of a cut. I’m telling about the mastered « incident », the good asymmetry of a skirt, the folds well placed…

Masscob skirt (pic via Smallable)

In a silhouette, everything is noticable. Even tights and socks (that we often believe are not seen). Out the flesh colored tights or knee-lenghts! Out the old bag or the fuzzy scarf…

Why not showing your ankles with these beautiful lurex socks (pic. via Smallable)


5) Enjoy the details that spice you up.

A natural leather belt will raise the style level of a trench coat / an ethnic cloth belt will add a second life to a tailored jacket / a red patent leather belt will wake up a navy pants  / a pair of golden sneakers will light up black or grey pants /

Trainers from Boden

A printed shirt will energize a round-neck cashmere / lurex socks will emphasize fine ankles / a beautiful printed scarf will animate a sober silhouette / a mustard (red, vivid blue or green) bag will give a touch of fun to a classic coat…


Bag SessunBag Claudie Pierlot

Bag Claris Virot


Always keep an eye open. Faster than in any other fields, fashion and clothing styles are moving. Of course, you don’t want to adopt all of them! But in staying curious and open to changes, you’ll certainly combat the effects of ageing better than with any cosmetic treatment! And if you don’t really know how to dress your age, without either looking old fashioned nor like a teenager, you can join the women who already follow my Style Training Program

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  1. Thanks so much for this, I really enjoyed reading it. Even though I am well over 50, I still make an effort to always wear at least one fashionable item. Everything else is the best I can afford, and nothing is saved for ‘best.’ These are tips that I have picked up from this blog. You always give such useful advice!

  2. Quelles bonnes idées! Merci beaucoup, Cécile. J’adore votre blog qui nous enseigne comment devenir vraiment chic à n’importe quel âge.

    • Bonjour Christine et bienvenue parmi nous! C’est sympa de pouvoir vous répondre en français;)

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