Why not Spoiling Children with Beautiful and Long Lasting Toys?

Here in Paris –  thanks to COP 21 (or Paris Climate 2015) – conversations flow about what we could do as citizen about sustainable development, recycling and producing less waste…  I am not myself a very active defender of the climate and I confess that I certainly have a lot to improve in my everyday life.  But as Christmas is approaching, I was thinking about the tons of plastic that we usually buy in all forms of toys, electronic games and gadgets for our kids. These toys don’t really last for a long time, they are not recyclable, they sometimes need batteries… Can we do something about it?

In France, we have a hudge nostalgy about objects coming from the past. I was stumble across Smallable, a French online kids department store (that also have an English version) and when I see what they offer, no need to say, that I instantly felt in love with all their wood toys!




Some of them remembered me a miniature wood kitchen and dolls furnitures that my grand-father hand made for my Mum in the 40’…



Years later, they were as beautiful and in a good shape than when he finished them. I still remember playing with them in my childhood…

So today, I feel like saying: why not spoiling our children with Beautiful, Long Lasting (and recyclable) toys!

(Click on the picture to access the website)

maison poupéée






What do you think? Are you nostalgic of these toys too?

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