What Would be Your Perfect Spring Capsule?

My favorite season: Spring! Not too hot temperatures, no wind and blizzard… just perfect mild weather.

And a deep desire to make a clothing shift!

So, let’s see what would be a perfect Spring capsule, with new fresh inspirations


1/High waists

This is a prevailing trend I already told you about and it will continue this season.

And this is good news because if you know how to choose the right cut for you, high waists are really flattering!

See how this paper-bag waist pant is an easy going one

Seen on Boden


Before choosing your high waist pants, always pay attention to the fabric: it shouldn’t stick to the skin and the cut shouldn’t be too tight too. I show you what would be a wrong example…

A fluid fabric (or even a 100% thick cotton) in a larger leg cut will always look nicer. You have to move with allure and comfort in this kind of pants!

To start with this new high waist trend my number one staple for Spring will be an off-white one in a “boyish” or masculine cut. A timeless subtle light color that will match everything.

Like this one (from Topshop)

or this one (The Frankie Shop)

#styletipeoftheday n° 1: with these high waists, don’t forget to tuck (or half tuck) your tops at the waist to show it off. So wear your long tunics with your slim jeans, straight pants or skirts.


But high waists aren’t only for pants, you’ll find them in skirts and shorts too. Like here (both from Sezane)

#styletipeoftheday n° 2: you can remove the fabric belt and try different leather style ones to add a twist


2/ Bright colors

Exit grey, black or brown, in Spring we dye for brightness and luminosity!

Then, here they come bright colors like red, red-orange, yellow or green…

Blouse from La Redoute


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clothes and accessories from La Redoute


two lively pants from Boden

Crew cardigan from Boden

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Yellow inspiration from La Redoute


Don’t forget your raincoat… (Petit Bateau)


Crew cardigan from Boden


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Shirt and knitwear from La Redoute


3/Playful prints

In Spring, stripes are back of course but they don’t have to only be navy and white…

Like this shirt from La Redoute

All knitwear bellow from Boden

And what about flowers to celebrate cherry blossom…

Suncoo shirt on La Redoute


Both printed clothes from La Redoute

This is just a few selections of what could be a perfect Spring capsule… would you be interested by a complete 31 days of outfits specially designed for you (and your silhouette) with ideas to “dress it Up” or” dress it casual” options to adjust each outfit for every spring event on your calendar. You could get your shopping list (on websites that you already like and shop) and all 31 days of outfit ideas.

Just send me a little hi, HERE at postmaster@etvoila.info and we can start together! ;)


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4 commentaires

  1. Cecile – hopefully I’ve found you again and this message gets to you?
    Is it in order for the mother of the bride, me, to wear a red dress for her wedding on Lake Bled, Slovenia in July. As always I value your opinion greatly.

    • Hi Lizi! Nice to read you again! Why not a red dress. It depends also of the cut/ the shape of the dress. Is it a long or short dress? Is it a sexy or a pretty red dress? My advice would be: always dress in a way you don’t seem to compete for attention with your daughter (the bride) ;)

  2. Hello Cecile, delighted to have contact again and I very much like all the clothes here I want them all!! I shall pick some for my week in Sled.
    The Wedding: it will be a pretty red dress and I would like a little sheer top to cover my arms to the elbow.
    Will try and send you a photo of Hannah at her first wedding dress fitting.
    Kind Regards
    Lizi xx

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