What is the Right Sweater for You?

Cosy sweater: an essential basic to get through the rigors of winter, right?
But if you don’t choose the right one for you, it will turn into a piece of wool that only stays in your closet… Why? Because, like many other pieces, it has to be chosen very carefully in accordance with your silhouette.

But before speaking about silhouette, let’s talk about quality… If you want to keep it more than one season, read the labels and favor models with natural fabrics like wool, angora, merino, alpaca, Shetland, cashmere… They do not pill and if you wash them carefully, they last a very long time.

Multi Stripe Crewneck Cashmere Jumper Multicoloured, Jumper 1 2 3 4


And beautiful fabrics don’t necessarily mean, totally unaffordable products. I let you discover the creative collection of cashmere From Future. This new French brand has not only been launched with the objective to sell fashionable clothing that is as ethical as it is affordable, it also offers very creative cashmere models.

(If you wish to see more details click on the caption to be redirected to the merchant sites).

Multicolor Norwegian Crewneck (129 €)

Mock-neck With Snap Buttons (169 €)


Cotton is nice too but I will keep it for Spring/Summer season.

Texture Cotton V-Neck Everlane (78 €)



So, what sweater models will enhance you?

1/ The turtleneck sweaters

Turtlenecks are perfect for girls who don’t have a large chest and wide shoulders.

Breton Striped Chunky Jumper with High Neck La Redoute



2/ Deep round neck

If you have generous breasts favor a deep neck model. Your breasts will thus be nicely highlighted.

Sweater Ugoball American Vintage (130 €)


Boden Mabel Jumper – Black and Copper Sparkle


If you have small breasts, you can go for even deeper V-necks.

Jumper Vapcloud American Vintage (110 €)


You also can choose among patterned, twisted knit and thick models. Everything that adds material.

Otto Jumper Fuchsia Susie Winckle



Jumper Hanapark American Vintage (175 €)


Chunky Oversized Cable Knit Jumper with Crew Neck La Redoute UK


Chunky Oversized Cable Knit Jumper with Crew Neck La Redoute US


So, at the opposite, if you’re round, what you need is a fluid sweater in a thinner mesh (but not a body-fitting model that sticks to the skin).

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper in Loose Fit La Redoute


3/ Loose fit cut models

These trendy ones are perfect for everyone and especially if have a little belly


Loose Fit Jumper with Side Buttoning La Redoute US


Loose Fit Jumper with Side Buttoning La Redoute UK


All loose fit jumpers bellow American Vintage


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