What about indulging in the foods you love without gaining weight?

Holiday season approaching… such a nice time to celebrate with family, friends or work mates… A lot of good and tasty things to eat… May be too much sometimes… :(
Foie gras, turkey truffed with chestnut and a chocolate buche for dessert… a very typical French menu for Christmas!
And if you had the clue to indulge in the foods you love without gaining weight? You know how “gourmand” and “gourmet” we are here in France. We love good and rich old fashioned cuisine. But it doesn’t mean that we automatically have to start New Year with a new diet!
Do you want to know how we manage that paradox?
We follow few simple rules like:
  1. Avoiding eating too many foods with added sugar, especially refined sugar. Never drink sodas. Prefer dark chocolate to milk or white chocolate.
  2. Don’t eat fried foods. No french fries, no fried chicken, nothing fried. Cut down to the maximum of saturated and trans. fat. If its sticky and viscous, it’s probably saturated.
  3. Drink a lot of water between meals. 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of fresh cold water for best results.
  4. Don’t snack. It’s definitely better to have a good real meal than snacking all day long…
  5. When you have a rich meal don’t eat twice of the same dish. The dinner will be full of nice and tasty food, enjoy a little of everything but just once.
  6. Workout at least 4 times per week, between 30 mn and 1h a day. Do light to moderate intensity exercises. Walk, run, dance, cycle..whatever!
  7. Stop eating 2 hours before going to bed (especially with bad carbs and bad fats).
  8. Prefer one or two glasses of wine (or Champagne!) instead of several beers or cocktails (always a lot of suggar in cocktails)
  9. Don’t add milk in your coffees or in your teas (or just a bit once a in the day). Same for cream, of course. If you use milk try to change it for soy milk: much easier to digest
  10. When you have a rich meal, balance it the very next day with something lighter, with a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits (for the fibers).

What is important is the total amount of calories you have not in a day but in a whole week. So, why not having a traditional rich Christmas dinner if you reduce a little on the next meals of the week… Just remember it and you won’t end holidays season with 2 or 3 extra kilos… Et Voila! ;)



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