Time to Make a Fresh Start!

It certainly should be a very good year: in French, 2016 reflect means "happiness"!

It certainly should be a very good year: in French, 2016 reflect means “happiness”!

Making New Year’s Resolution is a rather ancient tradition revealing a very human feature : we need time landmarks to think about what we did in good or in wrong  over the past year. And what could be more stimulating than the coming of a brand new year to make a fresh start! The pessimistics would say that all these good resolutions will vanish before the end of the month, but the good news is that 46% of those who endeavor to make common resolutions (e.g. exercise programs, quitting smoking, etc) were over 10-times more likely to have a rate of success as compared to only 4% who chose not to make resolutions… So it’s time to kiss 2015 goodbye and see how 2016 can really be a fresh start. I tell you what I decided.



Notebooks from Vert Cerise

Notebooks from Vert Cerise

1/ Taking care of my personal finances

Well, I must admit I’m more comfortable with words than with figures… I don’t like to count, so it’s even worst when it comes to check bank accounts… And of course, the result is bad. I never know what amount of spending I already made and at the end of the month my bank account always finish in the red… I really want to end with this bad habit and I decided to buy a notebook in which I register every day all of my bank transaction. It works well and I already see that some expenses could be easily cut!



From Psychalive.org

From Psychalive.org

2/ Stop compulsive buying

Of course, this one works with the first resolution. But if we think about it, how many things we bought in a year without really needing it? Of course, shopping can be a pleasure and I won’t refuse to indulge myself with something that I’m happy to wear, something I need in my daily life or that I just want to admire in my home… I want to avoid buying things to compensate a frustration or a bad day. This doesn’t work! It always ends up in something that we didn’t really need and that is most often totally useless. So now, I’ll try to think twice before buying anything and only doing shopping when I feel great!




Calendar from Etsy

3/ Planning in advance to do things I like

I’m not a good organizer and I often decide to do things at the last minute. “And what about seeing that theatre play, going to that concert or admiring that exhibition“… Sure why not? But as it often happen in that case, last minute means too late: no more tickets available! So I decided to set a schedule for doing exciting things. It should not be so difficult!


4/ Being more curious and staying in a learning state of mind

In September I took the best decision of the whole year. I signed up for adult classes. I chose drawing/painting and English class. It’s just like going back to school but without being boring by the topics that you don’t like. It’s so inspiring to learn new things. Whatever the field we choose: cooking, riding a horse, acting, writing… We should never stop learning. By the way, did I ever talk to you about Frantastique, a brand new French class program? Every day, you’ll receive a selection of exercises, texts, dialogues, and mini-lessons in French. You can watch the video, using the subtitles to help you if you wish, and then you answer few questions. Without thinking of it, you’ll have a vocabulary lesson, a conjugaison time and at end the lesson a bit of culture!

You’ll hear a citation with different accents, film clips, songs and more to help you explore the richness of French culture around the world.

Jules et Jim

Here the “Jules et Jim” song

10 to 15 minutes daily is all it takes! And for a good start of the year, at the present time they are offering exclusively here at Et Voilà one month free lesson!


5/ Set up new habits instead of focusing upon unrealistic goals

We all know that good resolutions are easy to forget when constraints of everyday life are coming back taking all the time and energy that we needed to stay focused. That’s why it’s easier to introduce a new routine, one step at a time. For example, if you decided to lose weight, don’t decide to follow a diet and an exercise plan at the same time. It’s way too hard. Start first to schedule exercise time twice in your week. Exercising will naturally incite you to eat less. And then, when you’ll remain steady with this new exercise habit, you’ll easily start to introduce new eating habits. And don’t forget to share your decisions with your family or friends. You’ll have 10% more chance to succeed if you made your goals public!

porte voix

So, your turn now, tell me: What are your New Year resolution?

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2 commentaires

  1. What an inspiring post! It certainly got me thinking about my own resolutions.

    I think I can say my new year resolutions is to be persistent, to not give up when it gets tough.

    I want to learn to speak French too. The Frantastique course is just what I needed! Thank you for it.

    Also, I want to challenge myself and run half a marathon. It will require a lot of persistence! Last but not least, I want to become better at keeping in touch with friends, and new people I meet who could eventually become a friend – somehow I find it slightly difficult to stay in touch.


    Merci, Cécile!

    • Thank you Manoela! Congratulation for your new year resolutions. Learning French and running half a marathon are really some great goals. I’m sure you can make it!
      I think you’re right about staying in touch with people: it doesn’t work if we don’t pay enough attention at it!

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