The Truth About Parisian Style


When it comes to French Chic and how to get it, I’m somehow amazed of how simple it seems to get it when you read some posts, books or trendy web magazines… So many myths to debunk.
Like “Wear black anything”,Wear a striped t-shirt, a pair of ballerinas and a beret“, “Stop washing your hair too often and don’t overdo it”“Don’t eat pastries but smoke cigarettes and drink a glass of wine instead!”

Well, well, is it so ridiculously clichés?
These articles are often written by bloggers who spend few days vacations in Paris… Well, I’m sorry to say, it takes more than a visit to catch a new cultural background…
Clichés are so easy to spread…  it’s always easier to go to simplification.

Parisian styleSmoking a cigarette wearing a beret + a striped tee-shirt: is it really all you need to look French chic?


How French Women Dress Effortless Chic…

It’s a fact that French women (often but not always) look stylish and chic. But of course, you don’t need to be born in Paris to look stylish too!

I personally follow on Pinterest or Instagram many women from all over who have an amazing style. Here in France, we are huge fans of Italian colored fashion, NYC street style or creative mix and match London style…
Then, all French women, of course, don’t spontaneously have the sense, the taste (or just the desire) to look stylish!


So, what is “French woman” or La Parisienne” all about?

A great part of it comes from knowledge

First I think that most of us (French women) have been taught about clothes and fashion. It could be our mother, our grandmother, an aunt or a cousin… in most cases, we have been educated by an older woman who knew how to get well dressed. With a right balance.

Is it because since Louis XIV, then Marie-Antoinette and the microcosm of “La cour de Versailles”, being stylish and fashionable was an essential requirement? In 1721, Montesquieu already mocked French society in the Persian Letters:  “I think that the fashion caprices of French people are astonishing. They forgot how they were dressed this summer; they do not even know how they will be this winter “.



Paris style

New trends were launched by the aristocrats and the court, promptly followed by the bourgeoisie and dressing “à la mode” became a kind of French national sport! From then, French couture know-how and creativity was recognized and Paris became the “haute couture” place to be.

Parisian chicA Parisian Atelier in 1900


That’s why, we have the great chance to live under the influence of high range craftsmen and designers as Gabrielle Chanel, Madame Lanvin, Paul Poiret, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, André Courrèges, Jean-Paul Gaultier… (ok, ok, I stop name dropping!).

All I want to explain here is that dressing stylish or elegant isn’t that simple… Either, it can look like “too hardly tried” or too classic” and boring. It might even result to add you 10 years old more…

Even if I live in a fashion inspiring atmosphere, it took me years to really know what was appropriate to my body and to eradicate styling mistake I was doing because I wasn’t really paying attention to what was really important and good for me and my silhouette.

These mistakes are not so easy to avoid. And why this is so?

Because of fashion and trends diktats…

Just to give you an example I personally experienced. In the eighties (maybe you’re too young to remember ;) ), shoulder pads and wide puffed-up sleeves were really trendy. You could see them everywhere on coats, jackets or shirts…

But what happened when (like me) you have an inverted silhouette (shoulders broader than the waist)? Whatever the efforts I could try, it just didn’t look good!

If we don’t pay attention, it’s so easy to fall in these traps…

And following Instagram influencers recommendations or fashion bloggers won’t help us either… What suit them so well and look so nice on their pictures will not necessarily look the same on us…

Parisian fashion

Do you know any school that teaches that? I don’t.

Can you always trust your mom? Your best friends? Your husband? Do they have specific skills in that field?

Can you trust fashion magazines? Fashion influencers? Well, I guess not. They are just talking about what is trendy or fashionable. But that won’t help you find what is really working for you…

Can you trust the store sell person who has sell targets to achieve? I guess not ;)

Just like you, I didn’t always know what to wear, and what was best for me…

It took me times and patience to know me better and recognize what was my style.


Feeling happy and confident thanks to my clothes: this is my philosophy. And I’m pretty sure this is what we are all looking for. In my “French Style” Lessons I’ll tell you how you will manage to put this into practice.


How can I help you today?

Since my very young years, my parents educated me to be curious and inspired by artists and designers. This artistic environment certainly gave me taste and interest for arts, design, and… fashion.

My mother, my aunts, my grandmother… I always saw these women around me expressed their confidence and personal style through their choices of clothing.

casual elegance

Here with my Mom in the 60’s

I spent my college years in a rather traditional private school for girls. There I had to wear a navy blue uniform: pretty boring but good teaching of what classic chic rules are…

Few years later I studied at Paris University. It was in the mid-80’s and no need to say that I enjoyed the fun of these reckless years going out in nightclubs as “Le Palace” or “Les Bains Douches”: all the fashion sphere was meeting there and if you didn’t look cool enough you won’t enter…

Parisian chic

Yves Saint Laurent and Loulou de La Falaise (left) at a party in “Le Palace”

Then, working as a project manager in a Communication agency, I evolved in a creative environment where everybody looked stylish and I developed more dressing skills reading designers books and chasing new labels and brands.

Traveling in different countries, I realized that looking the best thanks to the way you are dressing wasn’t such an obvious matter everywhere.

That’s why I started blogging, writing clothing tips and advice in EtVoila!

With thousands of followers today, I really enjoy helping women from all over.

Still, reading the different e-mails and comments you send me, I felt that you expected something more exhaustive, more detailed. Something that matches your specific body type, your age or your lifestyle.

That’s why I edited the “Dress as a French Woman” e-Book.

 instantly available for 37 €

couv training2

And it’s not an additional book about French fashion!

Here is what you’ll learn with this e-book:


1/ How to Harness the Power of Your Silhouette: Learn the Right Way to Look at You

Why are clothes so important anyway? Do you know how to play with optical illusions?

Do you know your morphology clues, your vertical figure? Look with a new fresh eye what really is your silhouette.

Start learning what are your good points and how to hide the ones you don’t like.

You will learn what are the good questions you need to think about. About your habits, your lifestyle, your age…

All kind of questions that will help you buying the right clothes, the clothes you really need.



2/ The True French Women Secrets You Should Know About. How Can They Help You?

Do you really know what French Chic is all about?

What French women do or don’t?

What really makes the difference?

Why are they admired for their simple elegance?

What are French women clothes best friends?

You will learn all about it and how these clothes can help you too.


Two highly skilled dressmakers in Dior haute couture’s studio searching for the exact right proportions



3/  7 Ways to Improve Your Wardrobe Right Now!

Learn how to put together wardrobe to save time.

How to build your own style.

Design your perfect wardrobe with personal uniforms and Signature outfits.

How to add the right accessories for you.

Learn about the colors that flatter your skin tone and the color of your hair.

Know how to dress your age.

And discover what are the 10 Commandments of a quality garment.



In fact this e-book is for you if:

– You want to emphasize your best points but you don’t know how to

– You want to upgrade your style but you don’t want to look dressy or “over the top”

– You admire the simplicity and elegance of French dressing. It seems that achieving that look should be easy but you have not been successful yet. You don’t know how to do it for yourself.

– You’d like to dress chic but you don’t want to break the bank

– You want to dress elegant but you don’t want to look like 10 years more

– You want to dress your age: you don’t want to look either old-fashioned nor like an old teenager…

– You want to dress stylish while comfortable

– You have a petite/round/tall silhouette and you don’t know how to deal with it?

– You want to be more organized in your wardrobe

– You want to feel more confident in your allure

– You’re getting older and you still want to look attractive. You don’t want to look dowdy

– You want to optimize a small closet with maximum outfit options

– You want to be elegant even with a limited budget

– You want to stop buying clothes, shoes or bags that you never wear…

But most important in following this training, you’ll get the great feeling to feel well and confident thanks to your clothes! Isn’t it the most important about getting dressed?

And what about if you could get it for the price of a new top? 37 €!


Some of you already received it and send me their comments.

Here is Naomi’s one (you can check it at the end of this post)

I couldn’t dream of a nicer review :))

2017-03-23 222

The Training Program is an e-book created in PDF format, so you can save it to your own computer or print it using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Step by step, you’ll get to understand what is preventing you from achieving the right outfits, how to adapt them to your body shape, what to wear and how to wear it, how optimizing your closet with maximum outfits options. And many other pieces of advice that I learned from my own experience since my early years in Paris.

This kind of dressing consulting is usually charged more than 500 €. (You can easily check the price here by example)
Now, while I can’t give you the same assessment just as if we had a face to face appointment, I can share with you all the tips and techniques that are foundations of a professional dressing coaching.

Now this coaching is available here

Avoiding to waste money on useless clothes that don’t suit you and being able to indulge yourself in the right ones… that worth to spend a little time reading the Training Program!
And no matter if you live in Paris, or not!


How do you receive the e-book?

Once you pay for the e-book via PayPal, you will be redirected to a page containing a registration form. Then, you will be able to download your e-book and save it to your computer or device.  If you have any issue with the download process, please contact me at and I will make sure you receive your e-book!

See you soon on the download page! ;)

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