The French Capsule Wardrobe You Need for Work

Dressing for work can be challenging. Whether you’re evolving in a creative environment or a more conservative one, you need to reflect (or to be in accordance with) a positive image of the company and to express your professional skills.

Unless you need to wear a company uniform (as for flight attendants or hospitality staff), a doctor’s coat or a working suit, every day you have to compose your own working outfit…

Then, whether you have time to search for inspiration or not, you might jump in a standard tailor suit that looks very much like your colleague one. You’re tired of wearing it every day but it does the job and nobody never told you that this kind of garment looks totally outdated and that it gives you ten years more…

I know I can help you!

If you follow this blog you already know my mottos for dressing: upgrading your wardrobe with a French touch, meaning:

– Chic but effortless and simple

– Comfortable but feminine,

– Timeless but not so expensive,

– Stylish without being a slave to Fashion!

Exactly what you need for your Capsule Wardrobe for Work!

So let me be your own Paris-based personal stylist and imagine a Workwear Capsule Collection just for you.

This workwear collection will allow you to create 10 versatile outfits that you’ll be able to switch from one week to another.

How does it work?

1/ email pre-consulting: I send you a detailed questionnaire (job environment, weather type, specific needs, favorites brands or stores, clothes budget, items you already have, colors you like or not, silhouette type…). One week later, you’ll receive your Personal Capsule Wardrobe for work.

2/ your personalized FRENCH CAPSULE WARDROBE FOR WORK e-book (PDF) with

  • 10 outfits with links and references to purchase
  • body type and style recommendations (if needed)
  • accessories recommendations
  • inspiring pictures

According to your preferences, I can either stick to the brands you already know and buy or suggest new ones, including cutting-edge or popular French brands.

To avoid the disadvantage that some of them aren’t delivered everywhere, I can offer you a long-distance shopping service: I buy the items for you and send them at your address via UPS or any delivery service you prefer.

Your « French Capsule Wardrobe for Work » Price: 130 €

Option: long-distance shopping service: 50 € (excluding delivery costs)


To book me, please send me an email: