The 5 Pieces You Really Need in Fall

September : time for fashion magazines to edit big special Fashion issues full of advices about : « What you should wear at Fall »…

Save your money, don’t buy them : as every September issue, there are very few clothes in those pages that you could afford or really wear ! I mean if you are a « usual » woman working or staying at home with kids !

Well, no need to invest each year in fashionable pieces to be chic and fresh.

I love this quote I recently read in an interview of Christophe Lemaire (previous Hermes artistic director for women collections who have its own label now). He said : « True originality resides in the ability to create our own personal uniform. To be able to choose a cloth for its quality and because it matches with our personality« .

In this post, I’ll give you some directions to create your own Fall uniform with the 5 unavoidable clothes you really need.


1/ A white tunic, a white shirt or a white top

This piece is so useful that you could wear it every day… Why should you choose it in white : because it goes with all your other clothes whatever their colors, because it will reveal your recent tan, because it will enlight your face and give you a fresh complexion. You will always choose it in a soft and fluid fabric. It can be cotton, silk, even viscose. Always prefer a model which doesn’t need ironing. You will wear it more often !


Top Claudie Pierlot

2/ A trench

I already wrote about this basic. But I couldn’t think about Fall without mentioning it ! An important thing about the trench is the fabric : never choose a synthetic one neither linen. Prefer cotton: it’s thicker so it will permit a nice cut and the coat will keep its own shape.


via APC e-shop


3/A straight pant or dark jeans

Depending on your job environments clothes codes (more or less formal) you’ll choose straight pants or jeans. In both cases prefer dark colors. For your pants why not navy blue, burgundy, dark green or black of course. If you are more comfortable with denim, its color has to be dark and unified : never go on a white one,  dried out or a tied jeans (those are OK only for Summer)

APC Jeans



Comptoir des Cotonniers


4/ A nice coat

This piece is very important. It doesn’t tolerate mediocrity. Be careful about the shape and the cut of course, but must of all stay aware about the fabrics ! It has to contain wool, alpaca or why not cashmere… Always avoid the 100 % synthetics ones, it might look good at the first sights, but it won’t last… You can choose it in red, burgundy, dark green, blue, camel, black (all classic colors that you’ll keep several years) or why not pastel tints : light blue,  mat pink or beige…but when you’ll try it on you, check if these pastel colors match with your carnation.


APC coat in burgundy

APC coat in navy blue


5/ A « night and day » dress

Well, a »night and dress » isn’t a dress you’ll wear 24 hours a day… It’s just a dress you can wear days or nights alike. This the kind of dress you can wear in the morning, staying comfortable all day long (because it’s not too short or too tight) and keep it for an unforeseen evening with your friends. You’ll just have to add heels or change accessories…

Tara Jarmon – Day version

Comptoir des Cotonniers – Night version


In that case, like may others, accessories are most important. And this is the subject of this post !


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