5 French Women dos to stay Chic in the Summer

2012-08-17 17.38.41Beach on the French WestCoast

Summertime is here with many occasions for going outside, enjoying the countryside, the beach, mountain outdoor or whatever.

Still, Summer isn’t a synonym of “who cares about what I wear until I feel good and comfortable” … Here are some dos and donts to stay Chic (and comfortable) just as the rest of the year.

1/ The Crocs you must ignore – A nice pair of sandals, you will prefer!

Unless you’ll spend your summer working in a hospital, you just don’t need those awful Crocs! They have no shapes, they cut your legs, even the nicest girls look stupid with those pair of plastic bags at their feet.

In a word, if you want to stay comfortable, you will prefer a good pair of cotton trainers, thin Havaianas flip flops or even better: a nice pair of leather sandals


The famous K.Jacques spartiates, handmade in Saint-Tropez

Marion Cotillard wearing the famous K Jacques sandals from Saint-Tropez



French Summer Fashion

Picon Fluo Orange www.kjacques.fr


Less expensive but rather cute





French fashion



2/ The right swimsuit for you, you will find

I know, trying a new swimsuit isn’t always an easy thing to do. You are not tan yet, you still have some extra pounds on your hips that you couldn’t lose just before vacations… well every swimsuit you tried on, just looked awful…

I have solutions:

First of all, avoid all kind of models with strings. Unless you have the perfect body with no cellulite at all, it will instantly point out the little batting that you’ve hidden with success all winter long… Strings are merciless they insist on the point where it hurts!

Then, you have to remember your body shape and choose the right one for you! Here or here

French Summer Chic

And why not trying a retro swimwear?  I think they are cute and easy to wear.

French Summer Chic

1. Red or Dead via Asos 70,59€ – 2. Kelly Brook via New Look 39,99€ – 3. Seafolly via Zalando 130€ – 4. Etam 28,90€ + 16,90€



3/ The cap you’ll leave to your daughter,  A nice straw hat you will wear

I love straw hats: they are not heavy to wear, they filter the sun, they protect your eyes when you read a book… and they are elegant. Let the cap to the teenagers, to the hip hop fans or to the beach volley players…



straw hat 2



4/ Shorts you may avoid – a skirt or a dress you’ll prefer

Shorts can be feminine and cute. But most of the time they cut our thigh in two parts and they are not so easy to wear.

A skirt (even a short one) or a dress won’t have the same inconvenient. In summer, you can even wear a fluid and long one. It’s elegant and pleasant to wear when the weather is hot.



5/ Sporty sunglasses you’ll avoid in any case – Classy ones you’ll prefer!

Summertime: the perfect time to play Stars or funny faces. Keep your usual sports glasses for biking or trekking. Always prefer a classy pair for the beach or the everyday occasion.





My 2017 French Summer selection

And if you really want to learn how to dress effortless chic the way we do in France, just get more training here.













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