Style and Fashion “faux pas” : the 10 French “never do” List



Whatever your style is, whatever are the circumstances for getting dressed, here are a list of things you’ll never do if you don’t want to do a terrible “faute de goût” (wich can also be translated by “faux pas” or “disaster”!…)

– 1- Be sexy but avoid vulgarity. Think about harmony and don’t go “too far”.

– 2- If you wear a mini-skirt : don’t wear at the same time a top with a plunging neckline

– 3- If you wear a mini-skirt : don’t wear thin tights or flesh colored ones. Prefer dark colors : black, navy blue, dark brown.

– 4- Don’t wear a tight bra with a fitting t-shirt or a body-conscious top. Having breasts coming up all above the top is not sexy, it’s all the opposite. Don’t reveal everything immediately, make space for mistery…

-5- Don’t choose your make-up colors in order to be matched to your clothes. A good make-up should match your complexion, your color tone, the colors of your eyes, of your hairs… highlight your natural beauty. It’s not an accessory.

-6 -Don’t wear a neckless AND earrings at the same time, even if they look the same. More generally don’t wear more than 3 jewels.

– 7- Don’t wear flesh-coloured tights, they are old looking and always made legs defects even more visible. Whatever your legs type : just don’t wear it ! Prefer black ones or dark colored.

– 8- Don’t wear your t-shirt inside your jean. Unless you’re very skiny, it will make you looking more curvy than you really are.

– 9- Don’t wear clothes with no shapes : yoga pants, too large t-shirt or large jacket with no waist… Women have shapes, use them ! You just have to accentuate your best features and highligth your silhouettes.

-10-Never follow fashion trends without asking you : does it fit me ? If it doesn’t : forget it ! Better be elegant or “classic” than ridiculous !

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