Stop Feeling Unconfortable on the Beach! Find the Perfect Swimsuit made just for You!

Every year when Summer is getting closer, it’s the same dilemma: we’re so happy because we will have the opportunity to go the beach, swimming, having sunbathes (with a good sun screen of course!), reading a good book or just watching the cloud shapes… But, before this, we will have to go through such a terrible test that we implore that we could just skip it… I’m speaking about the swimsuit fitting session. You know the one when you stand in that fitting room illuminated with all these awful artificial lights that even Elle Mcpherson would look like a zombie…

fitting room

Ready to go throuh that?
DR Osram

And here they come: fat pad, cellulite, goose bumps and all kind of our physical imperfections that was quietly sleeping under our winter/spring clothes…

Well, I have good news for you. I found the way to escape all this torture!

First, in buying online: no fitting room, no bad feelings..

Second, in buying online the perfect swimsuit tailored just for me! No nasty surprise

Imagine a website where you could custom your own swimsuit from all kinds of different designs.  You can choose the colour, the print and the model of the bathing suit you love. There’re plenty of print options to decide on (tropical, boho, 70’s, glam, stripes, solids, etc.). And most of all, you can also choose the pattern you’ll look your best.

This website exist, it’s called Surania and it’s worldwide. I found it by chance and I was so amazed about it that I decided to share it with you. It’s not actually a French website, it’s a Spanish company established in Barcelona, a city renowned  for fashion and design. I also checked: they deliver worldwide

Europe: 7,95 €; USA:  $12,95; Canada $12,95; Australia: 22 AU$; New Zealand 14,95$; United Kingdom 8,95 £; México 180MX$; South Africa 150R; Rest of the World: 15,95€. For purchases over 90€ we offer free shipping.

How does it work ?

First you can find here what will be the best on you depending of your body type

body type

Let see what you could do for a plus size pattern

plus size swimwear

You custom online your own model

tailored your own swimsuit

Here are few proposals that I liked a lot


But I finally crunch over this one!

botanic power

And you, tell me: What is your favorite?

PS : I have no commercial connexion with this company, no selling commissions either… I just loved the concept!

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6 commentaires

  1. Wow! Great information, Cecile. Thank you. I have an apple figure, in addition to being petite and plus sized. I favor one piece swimsuits with ruching in rich jewel tones. A deep turquoise would make me swoon. Lol.

  2. Cecile,
    Finding the perfect swim suit is a difficult task. I have never heard a woman say, I am very happy with my body in a swim suit. Women think their figure problem must be the only one like it in the world, but with all the choices offered here, how can one go wrong. My figure is not perfect by any means, but I don’t want to wear a suit that dull in color or in shape to hide my flaws. I am slender, but I have little pouches of fluff, right under and front of my arms. I like a tankini that is brightly colored, with a wider strap. It covers my pouches of fluff and I still feel it has a youthful look.
    Thank you for the information and I am excited to explore this site further. Charlotte Mauzy’ Sego

    • Thank you Charlotte. You’re right, I don’t know many women really comfortable in a swimsuit…So much pressure about THE perfect body. But maybe things should change if we decide it! Like you I think that choosing the right pattern that fits well, it’s a good path to selfconfidence! Besides men are way much more indulgent in the way they see women that we are! ;-)

  3. Petite and small bust swimsuits are very difficult to get right I don’t need support or too much fabric. I am going to the sunshine for three weeks in Winter – please help!

    • Hi Elisabeth,
      Lucky you! going to the sushine in Winter… Did you try soft triangle bra? or balconnet bra? (but no push-up) or a band shape bra with a bow or some gathers?

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