No diet! How to dress when you are overweight to get the best look

Summer is coming and you’re thinking again about trying the last brand new diet to lose that fat belly you’ve gained during winter… You’ve probably already tried a diet last year, and the year ago. And you already know what finally happened…

(cover picture from Castaluna)

My advice: no starving diets! Just listen to your real body needs, your appetite. When you’re not hungry anymore: stop eating. I already wrote some posts about French women’s very simple habits to lose weight and how avoiding snacking between meals.

Whatever the pounds you may lose or not, your silhouette can be improved with very simple tips.

1/Invest in your best features:

Do you have a nice neck? Wear a nice necklace

Beautiful eyes or lips? Learn how to do the best make-up

Slender hands? Rings are for you!

A charming smile? Go for a pink or red lipstick that stay all day long

Don’t be obsessed with your fat belly, your XL size or a body shape you don’t like.

Examine all your best body features that you don’t usually pay attention to.

List everything you like (or what people tell you they like).  They are your best features. You have to keep them in mind and to enlightened them! That’s what people will see first when they see you!

2/Pay attention to your clothes

Nice clothes are not reserved for XS sizes women! It’s not because you are not a full figured mannequin that you deserve to wear an old sweater or baggy trousers without shape! Just as other women, you need to feel good in the good clothes that suit you. That mean to know what is perfect for you, and what to avoid.

You need quality clothes, in good fabrics and with the right cut for you. Pay far more attention to fabrics: quality fabrics or thick fabrics will best flatter your body shape and specifically, heavier weight clothes made from natural fibers.

Stephanie Swicky is a French blogger. Isn’t she beautiful in these outfits?

How to dress when you're overweight

How to dress when you're overweight




3/ Wear high-heeled shoes

It will instantly make you look higher and slim. Not too high heels of course, it always has to be comfortable. Why not trying wedge heels to stay stable? If you have fat legs, prefer block heels to too thin ones. And never wear pointed style shoes. They amplify legs sizes. Prefer squared ones.

Yes for these!

How to dress when you're overweight

How to dress when you're overweight

But avoid these pointed ones:  they will cut your legs

(All pictures are from Stephanie Swicky’s blog)


4/Play with optical effects

Dark colors: choose them for trousers, skirts and jackets. But unless you feel like it, you don’t have to be dressed “all in black”. Keep bright and lively colors for shirts, t-shirts, tops of all kinds. If you wear them with a long black (or dark) jacket, that will be perfect! Speaking about optical effects: Always avoid horizontal stripes. And choose dark colors for your tights!

See here, how this white dress looks even nicer with this bright pink coat!









5/  Know what to avoid


How to dress when you're overweight

How to dress when you're overweightAvoid to cut your body in two and to draw too much attention to the waist area.













-If you have a large chest: avoid choosing a strapless dress. It will be very uncomfortable and will squash and flatten your breast.

How to dress when you're overweightNO

-Don’t wear too tight or unlined close-fitting garment, it will not be very flattering (+on this picture tights are too flashy and the shoes are cutting the legs)

How to dress when you're overweight



– Avoid pleats and horizontal stripes

How to dress when you're overweight



– Don’t wear too short skirt

– But don’t hide your body with too long dresses

How to dress when you're overweight




6/And what to keep for you


-‘V’-neck tops are a great way to create the impression of height

How to dress when you're overweightYES !!


– High waisted dress is also a very good choice

How to dress when you're overweight

-A-line or straight-cut-skirts will create a more streamlined look but choose styles that sit lower on the waist and avoid the ones with pockets or pleats.

How to dress when you're overweight

If you have a large chest: a nice square-neck is a very good option. This will open up the chest area and will draw the eyes downwards, making the waist appear smaller.

What to wear when you're overweightYES!


– And don’t forget to play with colored accessories!

How to dress when you're overweight

Here is my special selection for round silhouettes

And here is a list of specialized websites:

Asos Curve


Forever 21

La Redoute Collection Plus

Yours clothing

Violeta by Mango

Navabi: premium plus size fashion

Lemon Curve: lingerie

Wild calf boots













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