My Parisian word-of-mouth addresses


Do you know how Parisians catch their unique style? A good part of it comes from word-of-mouth Parisian brands that you can find on the web now. Let me share my personal address book, a list of valuable brands that will help you dressing as if you were in Paris! You’ll get it and receive our next newsletter in subscribing below

Just to be precise: you won’t find any worldwide famous luxury French brands inside… you know the ones you already know and you don’t need me to find ;)


I made a selection above brands that I like the most and that « real Parisans » buy. They are truly French because of their style, history or spirit.

I work to make it easy for you to find the right information, so I always favoured their English versions. Always stay careful about the shipping policy thought. Some webstores are used to send wordwilde, others focus on a limited list of countries…