My Parisian word-of-mouth addresses


Do you know how Parisians catch their unique style? A good part of it comes from word-of-mouth Parisian brands that you can find on the web now. Let me share my personal address book, a list of valuable brands that will help you dressing as if you were in Paris! You’ll get it for a cappuccino price: 5 €!


I made a selection above brands that I like the most and that “real Parisians” buy. They are truly French because of their style, history or spirit.

I work to make it easy for you to find the right information, so I always favored their English versions. Always stay careful about the shipping policy thought. Some web stores are used to send worldwide, others focus on a limited list of countries…

I value your opinion: please let me know what you think sending me a little “bonjour” at

Just to be precise: you won’t find any worldwide famous luxury French brands inside… you know the ones you already know and you don’t need me to find ;)


And thank you for the nice comments some of you already send me via email!

From Cristina (who lives in Venezuela)

“Hi Cecile,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It was so fun to read your French e Shopping Guide, it was like walking the streets of Paris with a fun an knowledgeable friend. I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting behind this. What I really liked about your Blog is that is full of genuine insights and that is because you are French and Chic and you understand what is all about so you can give insights that are true gems. I have read many other Blogs that claimed the same but they sounded like cliches to me, in yours I can really relate to what you are saying, your content was sincere and really helpful.
I lost weight so I need to get a new wardrobe and was thinking of what will be the essentials to get. I also like content not only on what to get but how to wear it and when.
In Venezuela where I currently live, we don’t really dress like in Paris because it’s too hot we are in the Tropic. But I am planning to move to the States next year so I will be getting new pieces of wardrobe that I don’t usually wear so all your insights on what will be the best coats for me to buy and in which colors are truly appreciated.
For example, I was thinking about getting a Trenchcoat but my skin is rather cool so beige washes me out, I was thinking of getting it in navy blue or black, what do you think?
Since I will be investing as much as possible I will like your advice, especially on coats what do you think I will need? What other coats and jackets and in which colors?
I will recommend your Blog to my friends you will see. I speak Spanish so I can’t help you to improve your English. I did study French when I was young so I can read but don’t speak at all :)
Besos desde Caracas (that is Spanish expression for saying goodbye to a close friend it means kisses from Caracas).
Looking forward to your posts in the Blog!”


From Charlotte (living in the US, Kentucky)


You are doing a great job building your site. The opportunity to explore new places to shop is
very exciting.  Even when I search for an item of clothing and add the word French to the search, the
choices are limited. You are displaying places I may never find in an online search. 
I am a grandmother, but I love clothes and try to dress appropriately for every occasion.
Some of my clothes are bargains, but if I really love something, I will pay the price.
People tell me I look French. I am 5′ 6 1/2″ tall, I weigh 120 lbs and have dark hair and brown/black eyes. On my other side, I have Cherokee Indian. I am a retired teacher and a yoga practitioner for 20+ years. I teach at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY. and at a place called the Center For Integrative Health.
I love Homeopathy and natural ways of treating illness.
I have a friend who majored in French and studied there. She came home and taught a
French class and I always love to be around her. She has taught me a few words.
Have wonderful day!”
From Agnieszka
“Dear Cecile,
 I do enjoy your blog, which I came across looking for french style/fashion tips. I love all things french, not only the fashion which anyway I take with a pinch of salt  :-). The sound of your lovely language (which I do not speak) and food and your lovely towns full of well dressed people give me a great joy!  It is in big contrast to the UK where I currently live, I am a Polish woman and I’ve married an English man. I must say that my home town in Poland is much more resembling the French ones, with lots of great dressed girls and even men and sophisticated places to go!
But yes there is certainly something unique about Parisian women and their style and that’s why we all love it and can’t have enough of it, women like Ines de la Fresagne, so I would love even more tips and photos ! I 
I can imagine it must be a lot of time investment to write your blog . I have two little boys and I am writing a novel myself – not an easy task (also in English not my mother tongue!) I will send your blog to my friend”. 
From Irina
“Hello Cecile,I was more than happy to find your blog! It’s so great and very clear and useful! Especially as I have a friend who always tease me that all my clothes can go into one suitcase. Thus I was so happy to find the confirmation that the quality is more important than the quantity. Don’t stop doing it. I check it every day to find more information. I’ll tell all my friends about your great blog.
Best regards and good luck! Looking forward for your nwe posts in your blog