Long Distance Personal Style Consulting


-Is shopping for clothes means a painful session of endless questioning always ending with the same buyings that don’t make you happy :( Do you always feel disappointed back home?

-Are you frustrated because you feel that even if you already own tons of clothes they don’t look like who you want to be today?

-Do you feel guilty because you don’t know how to escape the cycle of continuous newness offered by fast fashion stores (and the painful cost of your bought-and-unworn clothing purchases)?

– Are you anxious about dressing for an important job meeting, a date or a special event and you’re really afraid of being judged as completely overdressed, oddly or badly done?

– Do you feel confused because as your silhouette and body have recently changed, you’ve lost your usual benchmarks? You’re not even sure anymore about the right size for you…

-Do you apprehend to get dressed every day? Every morning you feel the same embarrassment: you don’t know how to match your clothes… and finally, you leave wearing always the same colors and outfits.

You’ll be astonished to learn that so many women feel just the same. An this is not surprising, as…

-There is no dressing class at school or at college: everybody manages to dress as best they can… If you were lucky, you might have benefited from good advises from your relatives or good friends. Not 100% adequate guarantee though…

-Fashion magazines (or social media influencers) don’t offer a real vision of what are the real stylistic concerns in women’s everyday life. They tend to showcase appealing (and overpriced) high-end brand clothes worn by beautiful young and perfect models. No wonder that you often close women magazines or Instagram with frustration and absolute no clues for yourself…

You did try to dress like one of these Instagram influencers but it didn’t really work for you…

-Fast fashion stores are selling very short collections inspired by the very last catwalks trends. New ones appear every two weeks and blur your vision about the strong and good pieces you really need to buy.

-And this isn’t just about looking stylish. We can’t help it: we live in a world where people are judging each other. 93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal. That means when you meet a colleague, a client, a neighbor, even a friend… their judgment or assessment is based on non-verbal data like physical appearance, dress, and body language. This judgment is not even intentionally mean…

So it’s not because you’re not a Hollywood celebrity that you don’t need a Personal Stylist.

What do you do when you face a plumbing problem? You hire a plumber, right?

Then, if you agree to ask for help for your sink, don’t you think you deserve a little help for YOU?

– To be confident because you’re not worrying or doubting your outfits anymore.

– To feel reassured because you know you can rely on the clothes you are wearing. They fit and enhance your silhouette, they make you feel good and proud of yourself.

-To be surprised to notice that people around you are seeing you with a different perspective. And enjoying the praise you will get from them!

– To feel empowered by your clothes. It’s an unconscious process but you don’t act the same way when you wear an old XXL tee-shirt, a shapeless sweater or dress thinking it will hide your flaws and when you are dressed in the right clothes that fit your silhouette and express who you are.

– To be relieved because getting dressed every single day isn’t a chore anymore!

I can change the negative opinions you have about yourself into positives ones!


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Yes, having a fresh perspective on you can definitely change you in a positive way! (pictures Cristina Cordula)

How can I help you?

I am not only a fashion design admirer. I am not only skilled in clothes stylism. I am also interested in the way people interact with their clothes. In my opinion, dressing isn’t a superficial thematic that only brainless people love … Whether we like it or not, we can’t ignore it. It’s part of our lives. It’s part of ourselves. And it’s fascinating to realize how powerful little changes in that matter have unsuspected consequences on our everyday life.

This is why I am passionate about it!  When listening to your personal story, your concerns, and understanding what is preventing you to achieve the right wardrobe, I can help you editing the one that communicates exactly who you are and most of all: what will make you feel happy! Because when you really know yourself and what is looking good on you don’t fear the eyes of others.

How am I different from another Personal Stylist?

1/ Your style with a French touch. As I’m French, living in France, I will achieve your style and image goals with my French conception. What does it mean exactly?

I help you achieve your own style, a timeless one that you’ll make slightly evolve years after years just in adding a few new pieces, details, and accessories. A style that will allow you to look natural, relaxed and elegant at the same time: the famous « effortlessly chic »… nothing bling, overdressed or too sophisticated.

2/ Your style, not your costume! I always put your personality and your way of living first. I’m not here to make you dress according to my own taste. Neither to make you look like such or such a trend or a celebrity… For me, these kinds of copied and pasted looks make absolutely no sense. My objective is to help you feel good, not to disguise yourself as someone else…

3/ I’m independent: I don’t earn brand commissions. I don’t work for a department store or a bunch of brands. I don’t make an income through commissions based on what you are buying. Consequently, I’m not influenced and when I give you wardrobe proposals with real examples, you’re totally free to buy them or not. Or to find a copycat in any store you prefer!



How does it work?

2 services options


1/ First, I send you via e-mail a detailed personal interview with questions about your silhouette, your life habits, your daily duties, your taste, your favorite brands and colors, your clothes budget, etc. Thanks to this first introduction and a few pictures you’ll send me, I will get to understand what are your goals, your challenges, the clothes you already have… your personality and your lifestyle and prepare the best strategy to achieve the right look and wardrobe for you.

2/ Then, I will send you my first dressing plan with 3 outfits examples chosen to fit your silhouette. You will be able to discover the strong points of your morphology, the best ways to enhance your best assets and to deal with your specific issues.

3/ 2 or 3 days later, after having read this first dressing plan, we’ll schedule a Skype or a Whats App call. For one hour, you’ll ask me all the questions you want. You’ll tell me what you feel as difficult? What is still prevents you to change your dressing habits? What specific issue you still face?


Option 2/ YOUR PERSONAL LOOK BOOK (including the Face to Face Personal Consultation)   330 €

2 weeks after our long-distance face-to-face interview, I send you a printable PDF Look Book with inspiring comments and pictures. This customized style look book is crafted as a visual aid to help you create your staple wardrobe where everything fits and works. It contains both suggestions (and webstore links) for new pieces to round out your wardrobe and tips to wear your actual clothes, accessories, and shoes in new combinations.

With your Look Book, you’ll have all the outfits you need for a typical week (+ special occasion outfits and seasonal adding). You will know what are your colors, what materials and cuts do you need for pants, dresses, skirts, and tops to match your silhouette. You will learn all the ways to wear your clothes. How to mix them with the accessories, the shoes and the bags you already have. And the dos and don’t for your future shopping sessions.

After receiving the e-book you’ll have a whole month to ask me via e-mail any precision you may need.

I recommend to print the book and pin each page in your wardrobe so that every morning you have this visual aid to avoid any hesitation and mistake.


So even if you live very far from Paris. Even if you didn’t plan to come to France soon: you can still benefit from this long-distance Face to Face Personal Styling!


To book a consultation, send me a message at postmaster@etvoila.info. See you there! ;)