How to wear Summer flats?

how to wear Summer flats

Lately, Shan who just had some surgery send me this message

“I am going to be unable to wear heels for quite a while. Some suggestions some time would be appreciated about different trouser lengths and widths with different kinds of flats and low heels— particularly now that very hot weather is here. Ballet flats and loafers with skinny jeans are easy — but what about with wide legged pants or straight cut pants for the office?”

And as I shared her opinion writing “I thought other women might be interested in this question”, here it is!


If you want to pair your flat shoes, with different trouser lenghts and widths, a lot of options are available during the Summer… like

1/ Flat plateform Sandals

If you are used to wear heels, it can be tricky to leave them.

A good transition could be found with flat plateform sandals. Your feet remain flat but still have some “elevation”.

Shopping Tour Paris

La Redoute


Be careful though: as the sole is generally thick and stiff, you must check that it’s still comfortable to walk with…

Some exemples, from top to back : Castaluna, Pikolinos, Pataugas (available here in La Redoute)

what to wear with wide pants


What to wear with wide leg pants?


What to wear with wide leg pants?


In a more retro style, you can also twist your straight office pants with these derbies. Pants can be straight but have to be width enough though.

(pictures La Redoute)

Paris Shopping Tour

Paris Shopping Tour

No slim or tight pants here… You don’t want your feet look like as they were way too big!


Retro sandals like these ones are also a good alternative to twist too serious outfits

(Sandals bellow from Mellow Yellow)

Paris Shopping Tour


What to wear with wide leg pants?


2/ Sneakers

Comfortable and relaxed elegant, you can also match your straight office pants with sneakers (but not the one you use for running, right?).

Like here (pictures from La Redoute)


Paris Shopping Tour



3/ Slippers

Totally forgetten (except for having breakfast in old manor houses), they are making a strong comeback since Gucci popularize them.

Paris Shopping TourSo comfortable and  “effortless” chic!

And look at these raphia ones!  ♥♥♥Paris Shopping TourBut of course, everyone isn’t able to invest more than 500 € in a pair…

That’s why a lot of “Gucci-like” appeared on the market. Fearing to be disappointed, I will not choose one of them.

I’ll prefer models that keep the inspiration but don’t pretend to be what they aren’t…

Like these ones (Dune Black in La Redoute)

or these Summer style ones

What to wear with wide leg pants?Kanna in


What to wear with wide leg pants?70/30 in


What to wear with wide leg pants?Avril Gau in

Paris Shopping TourVero Moda in


4/ Last, but not least, barefoot leather sandals

When temperatures get high, these are my favorites!

But beware, they can either look untidy (like coming from an old hippie period), boring (like Monk or religious Sisters style) or very elegant.

Like here…

Paris Shopping Tour(picture from The Frankie Shop)


Paris Shopping Tour(K.Jacques sandals)

Let’s see what details make the difference…

  • Leather quality: no synthetic or simili leather here… it won’t last, won’t be comfortable and won’t look nice. Even the sole have to come in a good leather or you will walk “like an Egyptian” :)) no sorry for The Bangles, I  meant , like if you had a wood plate under your feet…

I won’t trust these ones, the sole looks very rigid and the thongs seem to be already distended…



  • Straps, thongs and bracelets ankles: they could be either thin or wide, the point is where are they coming on your feet, how they match your feet shape… (all from K.Jacques)

Paris Shopping TourThese ones will look fine if you have thin legs and ankles

More or less leather straps, depending of your foot shape

  • Toe thongs or not? Depends also of your feet… not for mine but looks perfect for this right feet bellow (Both from Rondini)

What you see on picture, won’t necessary looks the same on your feet. More than ever, a try is indispensable. If you buy them online, check twice the returns conditions!


Tiny details change everything…

Left picture: Iota – Right, K.Jacques

These two seem rather similar… the difference stands at the back. It’s rather thick and noticeable on the left ones. Without speaking of the ankle bracelet. I’m pretty sure they will look very different from the right ones. Same for these ones:

Left picture: Iota – Right, K.Jacques



As often, the price is a good clue to know if quality is here or not. For a few pieces of leather, it could seem a little expensive somethimes … But regarding how timeless and simply elegant they are, I think these leather sandals really worth an investment!



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3 commentaires

  1. Hello Cecile – apologies for not being part of your fantastic emails – but as I have told you before – I am disabled and I have had not so good time recently – I am very interested in flat shoes/sandals as being disabled cannot wear shoes/sandals with heels – my problem is – I cannot wear footwear that is completely flat – as I was a dancer and have very high instep – and also not sure – if I look very very old – because I use a walking stick on footwear that is low ……please help and advise outfits that would look good – I know I am 63 – but still very young at heart – Merci

    • Dear Denise,
      I think I understand what is your flat shoes problem, due to ballet point shoe, I have kind of the same foot shape…
      One solution is to avoid shoes/sandals that have straps just over your instep.
      If you have walking disability and need comfortable shoes, still want to look young and trendy I will recommend a pair of Birkenstock. These orthopedically inspired shoes are famous for their comfortable sole and became very trendy lately. Choose a pair in a light color (grey or beige or sand suede leather) so they will look less “big” on your feet. You can also opt for a lively color as yellow or red. I specially like the “Mayari”, the “Yara” or “Seres” models. The “Lola” are nice too but they have a small wedge heel. Well you see they have a lot of possibilities, I’m sure you’ll find the right for you! And please, persist in being young at heart (and spirit ;)!. Take Care

  2. My apologies for late reply to say Thank You – I live in the country and internet is very bad here – but I am looking just now at La Redoute – a favourite of mine over the years and when I can shop on line- but will also have a look at those you recommend . The funny thing is I feel young at heart as I was only 41 yrs old when left disabled because of surgery that went wrong – but very happy in myself and loving family………

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