How to Wear a (Faux) Fur Coat/Jacket in a Easy Chic Way

Since few years, it became a strong trend and you see them everywhere from fast fashion stores to high end designer brands.
Actually, they are really appealing with their thick welcoming hairs, ready to protect you against cold temperatures and blizzard…

(cover picture from Sezane)

Just as for real fur coats, fake furs need few recommendations to avoid

-1/Looking 10 years more

Catherine Deneuve in « 8 Women », François Ozon movie

To avoid this old fashion look,

– prefer short cut coats or 3/4 lenght

– don’t wear anything too classic with your faux fur coat, as midi skirt, a working suit, an evening dress, etc.

– avoid to mix it with high brands bags or accessories, pearl necklines or showy statement jewelry



– 2/ Looking cheap, vulgar or as a « Pigalle » girl…

Picture of Christer-Strömholm- Paris 1963

Fur or faux fur coats are strong wardrobe pieces. You don’t need to add too much more to look sexy.

– Avoid to mix it with shorts, short skirts, etc

– It won’t go with vinyl clothes or plastic accessories either

– Anything that could look tacky as fishnet tights, deep necklines, high boots…

– Avoid also fake furs that shine like a Christmas tree. It will looks nicer if it doesn’t scream « acrylic ».


3/ Looking like the snowman, Bibendum or Cruella de Vil

Michelin Man, Painting by Yann Kempen

If your coat is a bulky or voluminous one, wear it with a close-fitting garment as a slim jean, a jumpsuit, a straight skirt /pants.

This is not the kind of coat that you can easily wear with a belt or a chunky sweater either…


4/ Neutral or Bold colors?

Fake fur coats can look good in lively colors. As usual, I will say that it all depend of the prices. If the coat is rather expensive, stay on beige, off-white, navy, dark green, black burggundy or brown. Otherwhise, if it’s a real deal why not going for a fun fushia, bright blue or yellow one. It will add a bright touch in the grey winter sky but you might not feel like wearing it again next year…


Here are some inspirations (click on the brand name to see more pictures)

Claudie Pierlot


Claudie Pierlot


Claudie Pierlot


La Redoute


La Redoute



La Redoute

Maison Scotch (on Asos website)





And more for the ones who buy from the US


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3 commentaires

  1. I agree they can look very chic but sadly, environmentally they are appalling as they are basically made of plastic.

    • You’re right Sarah but as often it all depends of the quality (and sadly, of the price also)… Some of them looks very natural, very well imitated. But cheaper ones can have interesting « not really fur » aspects, closer to coton or wool.

  2. Great ideas, Cecile. These rules also apply to those if us who still love real fur coats.

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