How to Upgrade Your Style in Staying True to Yourself

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Did you ever experienced stylistic shift effort that finally ended in an uncomfortable feeling of being dressed up in someone else?… All you wanted was a little style upgrading, you didn’t want to hide who you really are…

Well then, how to achieve it and stay true to yourself?

1/ Don’t change everything at the same time

Even if you can not stand your wardrobe anymore change your style smoothly, step by step. Keep some of your solid and reassuring staples. In what pieces of wardrobe do you feel the best? Which ones do you consider as your safe haven? The one that flatters your silhouette and matches with your personality?

Once you’ve identified it, play with it to go further in style. For example, if you are a « shirt + pants » person, keep the bottom and look for a more sophisticated top.

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If you only feel good in jeans, change the length or the color. Why not an off-white one for Spring? Or a high waist « vintage looking » one?

If you buy always the same colors, try a new one in buying a simple tee-shirt and see how it works on you… If you like just few one colors, why not going for a total look in the same one, or in different shades?

Picture from Pinterest

You can also decide to invest in few « strong pieces ». They can easily refresh your whole wardrobe!

Like this printed jacket!

Jacket F.R.S. – For Restless Sleepers

or this stunning V-neck cotton top

Caroline Constas cotton top


2/ Add a personal touch to your basics

Belts, socks, scarves, jewelry, bags, and shoes, of course… that’s where accessories take action. Choose them to twist a classic outfit, to add a « je-ne-sais-quoi » and tell a different story. Always choose them in a good quality leather or fabric. These are the kind of items you’ll keep more than a season.

An accessory that a lot of person judge as insignificant as a belt, for instance, can easily transform a whole outfit.

Like this one in a classic black evening outfit…

Racil belt


No day to day outfit will never look boring anymore with these boots…

Ankle boots from Isabel Marant

*And no « dress like celebs » anything… We are talking about your personal touch, not about copy pasting…  Dressing is a fabulous way to express your true self.

3/Play with the opposites

It’s a good tip to move forward in style. Play with oppositions that make you happy. You know them: masculine / feminine ; classic/ street style ; lady / teen ; wide / narrow … Like a navy blazer with a wide painter’s trousers; denim jacket with a formal straight skirt;  a little black dress with low boots;  a masculine suit with high heels and a lady’s bag; a jewel collar on a man’s sweater; boy’s shoes as mocassins, loafers or sneakers with a skirt…

Some examples bellow seen on the Instagram account of the stylist (and stylish) Pernille Teisbaek

4/ Trust the vintage classics effect

It can be either a vintage Levis jacket, an 80’s look jeans, a 60’s printed dress, a vintage Burberry trench, an old leather jacket, a leather bag from an iconic brand…

Vintage selection in Vestiaire Collective

French women always see vintage items in fair-good condition as a cutting-edge style signature. Not to mention that it allows us to stay stylish without breaking the bank ;)


5/ Then keep an eye open

Stay informed about the last trends, look for new inspirations. You don’t need to subscribe to Vogue or to embrace the last fashionable nonsense of the moment though! But you don’t want to wear outdated and corny outfits either… Have a look on Pinterest or Instagram accounts to find new ideas, unprecedented color matches or new clothing brands you will never hear about otherwise.

We can progress in style all life long. And generally, the more we advance in age, the more we get audacious…

What do you think? Ready for an upgrading?

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  1. Love your blog Cecile, your tips are always on point. I’m from Poland but French style is just so close to my heart :) hugs from Varsovie :)

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