How to Stay at Home Comfortable (and Chic)

It’s getting cold outside, the sky is grey and cloudy… You just feel like staying at home with a nice cup of tea and a good book…

Coté Maison-Ugg Home au BHV


Don’t feel like dressing… But you don’t want to spend the whole day in your pajamas with flabby slippers either… Let’s see how you can dress with style and stay at home comfortable, warm… and chic.

Go for soft fabrics, pastel and neutral colors.


Outfit from Arela

To stay chic, avoid: heavy terry cloth robe, white T-shirt that became yellow or grey, acrylic cardigan with pilling appearance, too loose or too long sweater, old legging with holes , jogging pant with no shape, furry slippers that make you look like a child (you know those with animal head or feet…)



When it comes to soft and comfortable clothes, try to find the right balance between the top and the bottom: if you wear a loose pant, don’t choose a loose top. It’s one or the other.

For exemple :

Wrap over top + long cardigan + hoodedd pant + cosy socks



Thick legging+ long t-shirt+ flanel shirt + long socks


– Message sweat-shirt + wool tights + mocassins slippers


Winterlite top + hand knit vest + track pant + soft socks (for pulling up or scrunching down).


Hooded top + coton pantsoft leather mocassins


–  long sweater dress + above the knees thermal socks + crochet slippers


2/For clothes or blankets: always prefer natural materials

Wool, cashmere, thick cotton, mohair, silk… if you really want to nest in a warm softness, quality fabrics make a real difference! They will last longer and age beautifully.


Super chunky wool-blanket

 Discover here how this amazing wool blanket is made

Plaid wool Blanket

Plaid wool blanket

Mohair Blanket

Light and warm: mohair blanket



3/Be inspired by Scandinavian Style

Nordic style is full of nice ideas and references for Winter. What a great inspiration for clothes, blankets and even home accessories to warm our homes.


Chalet slippers                                                                                      Sheep wool socks

 Scandinavian wool blanket





Soft colors, wood, soft light, natural materials… such a cosy interior

4/ Add candles everywhere

When you don’t have a fireplace, candles are just magic: they bring a soft illumination and a warm effect. They instantly create a safe, healthy and peaceful atmosphere. Watching candlelight is so relaxing…

H&M Home

H&M Home



Picture from Skylantern

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen


Here would be my favorite place


 Et Voila! You’re ready for a lazy cosy day!


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8 commentaires

  1. Good, comfy advice for our long, cold winters in the far North! But even more, so glad to hear from you after the tragic attacks on Paris. You and your fellow Parisians have been in my thoughts.

    • Thank you Lisa. I think that apart that the weather is cold, all these events make me feel like staying cosy at home…

  2. LOVE the first outfit featured in the post, how to stay comfortable at home: off-white pants with flecks of soft colors, peach colored sweater and white somewhat looking white sneakers without laces. WHERE cna I purchase these items? (I’m in the U.S.) Merci!

  3. Hello Cecile
    I need to expand a little on this feature for me. I have just returned from London, where my only grandchild (17 months) lives, which is a four hour train journey from my home, and I will stay for at least a week at a time to help my daughter when she needs me.
    The dilemma is, life is very very hectic at these times for me and I barely have time to think about what to wear to take him to nursery for example or to the Park etc. I feel that I have made no effort and I look drab. Please help me with a simple but workable wardrobe for these occasions when my life is not my own. I won’t even start on my diet – I just look forward to that glass of wine at the end of each day!!
    With much appreciation as always

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