What to Wear to a Wedding? Parisian Effortless Chic!

Weddings season is coming and when no thematic is imposed, it’s not easy to choose what to wear to be Chic and feel comfortable!

If you are more and more stressed because the day is getting closer and you still really don’t know what you’re going to wear to a wedding, this post is made for you ;-)

1/ What is prohibited at a wedding:

– The black or white “total-look”. Indeed, black is generally the color for funerals, it’s better to avoid it…

Prefer a more cheerful color.
You can wear a white dress, but an all white outfit can also be risky. You don’t want to take the place of the bride… Right?

– Mini skirts / mini dresses / mini shorts! A wedding is a celebration (religious or not). It’s important to respect that solemm moment in not being too flashy or vulgar. A too short outfit will immediately be considered as inappropriete.

– Transparent tops / plunging necklines / push up. For the same reasons than above. Always a matter of elegance : this is not the day for shocking people or attracting too much attention!

– A pair of jeans. Really… even if you’re in a budget, you can do much better for this special day!

– Bare shoulders at the ceremony. Think about a pretty stole or a nice jacket to finish your outfit. It will be really helpful if the evening wedding party stands outside.

What to wear to a weading

– Be careful with your arms. We often forget them… If they’re not as firm or thin than they used to be, prefer a long or 3/4 long sleeve top

– Avoid gaudy jewels. Why not choosing a flowers broche or a nice sautoir that will stretch out your silhouette. And never, ever, wear a necklace combined to a pair of earings. It will look too heavy. You’ll have to choose between the two…


2/What to wear:

Go for colors: pastels as pale pink, light blue or beige pink if it match your skin tone and your hairs color. If not, you can go for more bright ones as orange, red, pink or yellow but not for your whole outfit. Mix them with neutral colors as beige, grey, blue …

Go for a dress! It’s the perfect day to wear one! Treat yourself because it’s a beautiful day and you also have the right to look beautiful!
Don’t forget to choose it thinking about your morphology. I used to write a post about the right LBD for you. Of course, it also works for “no black dress”…

Here is a selection I found on Amazon

For petite :

What to wear to a weading


For A body type : this Halson Heritage Women’silk faille cap-sleeve cocktail dress




For plus size

What to wear to a weading






– Go for pants if you feel like it. Wear a pair of tight pants with an original and feminine top and heels.

What to wear to a weading

Make sure that the pants fit perfectly!

Go for heels! But in a good pair, a pair in which you feel good! If you’re not used to it, choose kitten heels or plateform shoes, much more easy to wear. An useful tip: if you chose them in the same color than your skin tone, your legs will looks longer!


What to wear to a weading

Wedges Mellow Yellow

What to wear to a weading


What to wear to a weading

Kitten hills – Mellow Yellow

You also can take a pair of ballerinas in your bag.

What to wear to a weading What to wear to a weading

Thanks to them, you will dance all night long!

What to wear to a weading



Go for hats!                 Here again, this is a great opportunity to wear one!

What to wear to a weading


What to wear to a weading

What to wear to a weading

Pouch – Mellow Yellow

Add a small pouch  to match your outfit. It will instantaneitly add some chic to your outfit! Besides, we do not take our everyday big handbag at a wedding, right?


Need more inspiration? Have a look on my ShopEtVoila!


– Think about your hairdressing. If you have long hairs do a nice bun, add a heaband or just a tissue flower.

What to wear to a weading

– Stay fresh and natural. Don’t over do your make up. If you wear a pastel colors outfit, go for a nude make-up. That will be perfect! And if you wear more bright colors don’t match them insofar with your make up! Stay with something natural.

And please send me a picture of your outfit! (at: postmaster@etvoila.info)

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Cécile! It was very informative and gave me some good ideas for what to wear to a wedding. Normally, I just think “I’ll wear a dress,” but all of these outfit ideas are really great and would make me look much more put-together. I’ll have to try them out during wedding season!

  2. I love your style advice. I check your blog every week. It’s been very helpful.
    Could you do a blog on bras including how to get bras that actually support breasts but are comfortable?or how to tell if they really fit like they should? I’m in my 40s and in ok shape. I’m not overweight but Victoria secret bras just don’t work for me anymore. The underwires can rub wrong or the bras are too flimsy to provide any support. One of your blogs said to get new ones every 6 months but I didn’t know that before. I have a feeling you know other bra tricks too.

    Thank you

    • Hi Michelle. Thank you for being a frequent reader. A post about underwear and bras is a very good idea. I’ll work on it soon!

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