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The stunning glamourous and chic dress of Blush Fashion


Lately I did some researches to illustrate my last post. That’s how I casually discover the stunning chic and glamourous dresses of Blush Fashion designed by Sheryll Raz Gold, a clothes designer that I never heard about before.

She opened a store on Etsy few years ago and her creations are so unique and feminine that I really wanted to share her work with you in this special post.

Sheryll lives near the Mediterranean, in Tel Aviv, Israel, a beach city that has many entertainment venues, young people and culture.

What is so specific with Sheryll’s creation is that her dresses are glamourous but not too fancy and kitsch. They are easy to wear and trendy, imagined for the contemporary girl.
“I do clothes I like to wear every day, Sherylls says.  Nice clothes that show comfort and feminine at the same time. I’m looking for soft touch breathable fabrics with a cozy transmit“.

But stop talking: let’s have a tour in Sheryll’s studio


etsyfeaturedshop-blushfashion-womensclothing-etsyinternational-0061Her inspiration comes from old magazines, design books, art and history… But she tries to update trends and create her own as well.


She creates the designs with illustrations, sketches or draping on a mannequin. Then she does the pattern, “my favorite part, because it’s time for decisions and finding creative solutions for my ideas”, she says.


I get excited in fabric stores, like a little girl in a candy shop. I need to touch, feel, and sense all the fabrics in the store as part of my process”.


When the final model is complete, she prepares the pattern in different sizes and choose the fabric color. She proposes a complete range of very beautiful subtle colors. Then she cuts the patterns out on fabric.


For the cutting and sewing part of her work, she has two assistants who work with her for the last few years.


And last, but not least, although she is overseas, she is aware about the importance of personal attention she has to give to each of her customers: “If a client is confused or needs advice, I always try to understand her needs and help however I can. If she has received her order and does not like how the garment sits on her, I offer a replacement, refund, or alteration solution (like shortening or narrowing the garment). In some cases, I also do custom orders for special size or fabric requests. Working with my customers ensures the best results!”.

Here is a selection of her stunning creations…(click on the pictures to see more details on her website)


sexy chic dresssexy chic dresssexy chic dresssexy chic dress

Please, tell me what you think about these dresses in the comments below

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