What to wear for Christmas and New Year’eves?

  Christmas and New Year are two important evenings that you don’t want to ruin because of a terrible clothing “faux pas”. Traps and mistakes are numerous for these two special ones. Here are a few “do and don’t” that… Continuer la lecture

Timeless French Styling and Clothing tips

To start the new year with good resolutions, I think it would be a good idea to share with you tips and tricks that I learned from my own experience and from my Mum and my Grand Ma (“Mamie” in… Continuer la lecture

Highly Desirable Sexy Dresses

  Lately I did some researches to illustrate my last post. That’s how I casually discover the stunning chic and glamourous dresses of Blush Fashion designed by Sheryll Raz Gold, a clothes designer that I never heard about before. She… Continuer la lecture

Best French Image consultant advices to avoid Fashion “Faux Pas”

Oops… Another shopping mistake… a stamped “most trendy” outfit, bought in the euphoria of the moment and that what we finally found unwearable. Don’t panic! With little of “fashion flair”, the “fashion faux pas” will be transformed into a supplement… Continuer la lecture