8 Links for a French Chic Summer

With the Summer holidays nearing, I become a little lazy… Still, I won’t leave before giving you good resources to read (or listen) during Summer time.   1/ First, why not chilling listening Chic & Frenchy, a web radio for… Continuer la lecture

How to Tie Your Scarf? The French Way

Recently Anna wrote me to ask: “Do you have any tips on wearing scarves? I love them but never quite get them to look as good as French women do. What’s the secret”? I thought about the way to give… Continuer la lecture

French Women Seduction, What is it All About?

(cover picture: Vanessa Paradis in the French comedy “the Heartbreaker”) For most Anglophones, the word seduction conjures images of a sexual nature, such as a woman giving a come-hither look to the men across a crowded bar… Seduction to the… Continuer la lecture

How French Women Eradicate Cellulite?

eradicate cellulite

  (cover picture from lefigaro.fr) For 10 women, 9 of them have cellulite problems… Even thin women have to face them. Anyway, we won’t let Mother’s Nature win in that case. Let’s see in 10 points how French women eradicate… Continuer la lecture