French « Dessous Chic » (or Sexy Chic Lingerie) Lessons


Hey, ladies, February 14th approaching… Isn’t it the perfect moment to care about lingerie? But before starting, just a little reminder: Who was « Saint Valentine » anyway? Amazing facts und numbers in this video about History of Valentines Day!

Valentine's day in France

ca. 1910 — Victorian Valentine — Image by © K.J. Historical/CORBIS

So let’s go back to our « how to wear fine lingerie » subject, the perfect way to feel beautiful and sexy on this very Special Day!

Few tips to start

1/When buying lingerie, go to the lingerie department of a clothing store or in a specialty lingerie store.

French lingerie

Chantal Thomass Lingerie Store

Avoid stores or retailers H & M style. Why ? Because you will not find lingerie specialists there. And their advice are priceless. Also, major retailers always sell standard sizes. And more than anything else, lingerie really need to be fitted to your body measurements. 

The key is to wear the right size for you: eight out of 10 women wear a wrong sized bra! And guess what? Women with larger breasts tend to buy bras that are too small while smaller-breasted women do the opposite… Be certain that a right sized bra will enhance any of your clothes. And makes you feel much more comfortable and self-confident.

Don’t forget: seduction and sexiness always start with self-confidence!

When a French woman wants to feel better about herself, or as we say in French « good in her skin », part of the therapy can be to go shopping for lingerie. Seeing ourselves in nice refined lingerie will improve our self-image both literally and figuratively.

Another problem occurs as we often tend to find a bra that appears to fit and we stay with that size, even though we may lose and gain weight. So be careful, if the back of the bra is rolling up if the straps are marking your skin if the cups of the bra are pleating: you wear a wrong size bra

Two size indicators are important: bandwidth, which is the measurement directly underneath the breasts, and the cup size (or depth of the cup), which refers to the volume of the breasts.


Lingerie lessons

To find your right size and perfect model, trust the advice of  a specialized store or website. That’s really worth it!


2/ Small breasts

When you have small breasts, you can choose to put your chest in value thanks to a push-up form or you can wear models with triangles.

bras for small breast

A triangle model from French brand Princesse Tam Tam

small breast bras

A balconnet model from YSE, French specialist of small breast

-la-princesse-de-cleves- Ysé


Choose forms that fit clothes you wear. If you wear a cleavage, go for the push up that will create the illusion of a fuller bust and  bring you closer to the X silhouette. At the opposite, if you wear a blouse or a wide shirt, wear a delicate non-wired bra.


French lingerie

Pictures from

French lingerie

3/ For large chests

C caps can afford all bras forms: half cups, balconnets but it is better to maintain the chest with wires.

D cups and above need a more sustained support as 3/4 cups or full cups. 

French lingerie

from Aubade: Full cup bra, very comfortable and interlocking shape for a rounded chest thanks to excellent support.


That is why, from this size, you’ll forget molded bandeau, triangles, and the push-up models!

Also, be careful to choose slightly wider straps for your shoulders and back comfort.

French lingerie

Aubade model

Choosing the right bra size and shape will slightly reduce the chest while lifting it up. Your chest will be emphasized looking well proportioned.

4/ A brief doesn’t have to be guessed under your clothes
Whatever the shape of your buttocks is, before choosing your brief, remember the rule: always transparency under clothes.

So if you wear transparent fabrics or light colors in Summer, choose pastel, nude or white underwears. Be careful also about the lines under your pants. The string is recommended for very tight clothes, but be careful to always choose one size above for your own comfort.

The most rounded buttocks can bet on the boxer short or high rise short. They will fit well on the buttocks and maintain them.


If you have flat buttocks, you can play with fabrics and details in order to compensate. For example, choose knickers or shorty shorts with ornaments such as frou-frou or placed nodes. You can also bet on transparent fabrics for a very sexy look.

French lingerie

Ysé, special Saint Valentin lingerie


And if you have a little belly, wear high waist shaping panties.

What to wear to hide the belly

This high-waist brief from Aubade covers the stomach and hug the bottom.


You can wear these panties when you wear tight-fitting clothing: they flatten tummies. Choose simple low waist sculpting panties the rest of the time.

French lingerie

Nude sculpting brief from Aubade


And now that we have the basic, let’s go a little further for Saint-Valentine’s Day

Here is a special selection of French brands with different styles but always sexy chic. French women usually prefer lingerie that looks expensive and sophisticated and is made of silk, satin, and lace.

From a very sophisticated Parisian brand: Fifi Chachnil

French lingerie

French lingerie

Chachnil Fifi_Nathalie Demontes_3989 *** Local Caption *** Chachnil Fifi_Nathalie Demontes_3989

Fifi Chachnil Atelier in Paris


From Aubade, the famous French brand, well-known for its ongoing advertising series “Lessons in Seduction”, a favorite among French women.

French lingerie

« Piece Maitresse »: a chic and erotic box set containing a complete range of lingerie for her and accessories so she can play with him.



From Dément, a French lingerie brand created in 2010 with an idea: hide under each bow of your lingerie an invisible and solid magnetic system.And when you desire it, in just one click of your fingers it can all be thrown off.

French lingerieThe brand name is inspired by a French word play: Dement/démentiel (wild)
Dement/amant/aimant (lover)(magnet)

French lingerie

Lingerie set Bellisima ivoire

French lingerie

Lingerie set Francie


 From Princesse Tam Tam, a very playfull Pop Art Style one!

French lingerie

Saint Valentine brief from Princesse Tam Tam


And let’s finish with « Les Dessous Chic » a Serge Gainsbourg song performed by Jane Birkin, his muse and

and wife at that time


French je ne sais quoi

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