Do you Really Know What Fall/Winter Jacket is Made for You?

Do you Really Know What is the Fall/Winter Jacket Right for You?


Blazers, jackets: such important staples in our fall/winter wardrobe… we can rely on them to dress up any outfits and easily change a silhouette! An investment that needs to be made carefully knowing which one is the right for you!

Cover picture: from left to right: Max Mara, Boden, Imparfaite Paris, Etsy, Boden and Boss


To limit fashion waste, I favored second-hand and vintage clothes examples. No need to add it’s also a perfect way to buy high brands and great quality clothes at unexpected prices! If you’re interested in one of the above, just click on the picture, but hurry because there is no stock…

Let’s start with the jacket cut.

Jackets that are tied around the waist or have an integrated belt are perfect for women who have a slim waist.


Beige Isabel Marant jacket on Vestiaire Collective


Veronique Leroy jacket on Vestiaire Collective

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer on Vestiaire Collective


If you do not have a defined waist always prefer a straight cut.

Navy Yves Saint Laurent Jacket on Etsy



Vintage checked blazer on Imparfaite



Straight cut jackets on Vestiaire Collective



And the good news is that there are jacket shapes that go to all body types: fit cuts jackets!

Fit cut jackets on Boden
Theses blazers are advantageous for most women because they create the illusion of a waist even if you have a round or a straight silhouette (like O and H silhouettes).


Then the jacket length

When you are small you have to pay attention to the length of your jackets because they can pack you down. In this case, a short jacket is a better choice (but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything long: a short jacket + long skirt would be a perfect combo to stretch a « petite » silhouette)


All these jackets are sold on Vestiaire Collective (just type « short blazer » to find one)


Long jackets usually look nicer on tall silhouettes.

Oversized wool blazer on Vestiaire Collective


Long jackets selected on Vestiaire Collective


Then let’s talk about the collar!


Yes, all the little details matter!
Jackets that have a large collar are perfect for women who have a small chest. It brings more shapes.
For women with a generous breast, small collars – or no collar at all – are preferred…

Black and white checked blazer on Etsy

Jacket Bora Aksu


And the pad shoulders…

Who can wear them?
Pad shoulders or martingales in the case of military-inspired jackets are for girls who are an A, an X or an H silhouettes.

Yves Saint Laurent jackets often come with large pad shoulders, like for this yellow jacket found on Etsy


Women who have large shoulders will avoid pad shoulders. The idea is to avoid bringing too much shape in this area.


Then concerning the fabric

If you have a round silhouette, it is would be more fitting to choose a jacket in a well-structured matte fabric (not loose or too thin). Shiny fabrics (such as silk jackets) or large prints ones are not the most suitable in this case.
So tell me what will be you next Fall jacket?
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