Do You Make Any of These 5 Dressing Mistakes?

Whoever says that dressing was easy. Certainly not me!

  • First, you have to do it every single day: even the days with absolutely NO inspiration!


  • Secondly, nobody really taught you about… except if your Mum, your older sister, or your best friend is a fashion stylist…  Most of the time, your family or your friends don’t really want to hurt you in telling the truth or they give you contradictory advises making things even less clear…


  • Third, you are overwhelmed by fashion magazines and blogs trying to convince you that Yes! this is it: The new style that You should buy (and wear). Doesn’t it look perfect on fashion magazine models or any of the cute Instagram influencers you usually follow!

No surprise then: (choose the right answer)

1- You don’t have any clue of what you really need and will look good on you when you enter a store. Then you end by buying useless clothes that you’ll never wear

2- You don’t know how to deal with your worst features… or for the same reasons you don’t know how to emphasize your good points.

3- When you try to dress stylish, elegant or effortless chic it comes to something really dressy, aging, boring or a bit over the top…

4- Because, you like them, you keep buying the same things (even the ones that don’t fit you): you already have 5 black turtleneck sweaters. But you just came back shopping with the 6th…

5- You’re buying a lot of low quality clothes because they’re inexpensive… As a result, you’re annoyed because you see the same ones everywhere… Or you always wait for special promotions or sales period to buy “a price”. You finally don’t wear anything because nothing fits so well… Next year you’ll donate the clothes to local charities (or just throw them) and start again buying new ones…

Do you recognize you in one (or several) of these concerns?

Even if you don’t live in Paris why not improving your dressing skills following a complete Training Program. Step by step, you’ll get to understand what is preventing you from finding your own personal style and achieving the right look for you. How to adapt it to your specific body shape, what to wear and how to wear it, how optimizing your closet with maximum outfits options. And many other pieces of advice that I learned from my mother and my own experience.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s 5 yes’s!! I am getting better but only recently bought a jumper which looked fab on the model on line but doesn’t really fit my curvier shape, did I return it? No, of course not, I convinced myself it would be fine! Have I worn it, no I have just passed it on to my daughter!!

  2. No. 3 is an issue for me.

    No. 5 is a frustration. I am very picky about quality but good quality clothing are hard to find these days. The consumer culture here is biased towards mid to low cost clothing, mid to poor quality, so you will throw them out and buy new stuff within 8 to 12 weeks. Even if you are willing to pay pretty good money, the materials are still nowhere as good these days as they were 15 to 20 years ago.

    • You’re right Cynthia,I also noticed here in France that even expensive labels such as Maje or Sandro by instance didn’t always use very good fabrics… We always have to keep an eyes on this before buying…

  3. I have an hourglass figure and find it difficult finding clothes that fit well, i also have a ugly spidervein on back leg just below back of knee and all skirts and dresses are too short and dont have enough material in hem to let down.

    • Having an hourglass figure shouldn’t be an issue Kat. You’ll see why very soon. I’m sorry to read about your spidervein. I guess you also tried wearing opaque tights or applying a body foundation… May be if you were just confident with your general allure you wouldn’t pay attention to it that much?

  4. I have a problem with 1 and 3. I see outfits I would like to replicate so I begin my search and end up finding one of the items that makes up the outfit, but then I cannot find the others.

    Also, I have a standing work station at the office and I do not sit down all day so heels are out of the question. It is hard to look chic day after day with flat shoes. I would love some suggestions for that.
    Love the site. ♥

    • About the first part, we’ll see how you can find your “friend” clothes, then everything will be easier… About heels, I know what you mean. Still, you should keep on searching or the right pair. One with a comfortable square heel or wedges? Boots or low boots?

  5. I used to buy pink or white blouses and shirts all the time. That’s mistake number 4 :) I wouldn’t call it a mistake, it just seems I like pink and white. I haven’t bought any clothes in the past four months or so, and yet I find new dress combinations everyday. Less is more, oh it is so true.

    • Less is more, you’re right Maria! And you certainly do love pink and white. It doesn’t really matter if the blouses and shirts are not all alike (with the same shape). Still, I’m sure that trying new colors could be a big Plus…

  6. I am a victim of #4. I know what looks good on me and I therefore stick to it. Ines de la Fressange is also a big fan of this apparently (according to her latest book and her blog) Is that bad? I also buy inexpensive items that eventually lose shape and fall apart (#5) but those items are usually the things I like to rotate out once a year anyway — such as t-shirts (especially white ones that lose their brightness and get permanently stained) and the few trendy pieces I will buy throughout the year (because I don’t want to hold on to them forever anyway).
    Thank you for your website and blog — I really love it!
    Best wishes from Texas, USA!

    • Thank you Claudia! As you said n°4 is not that bad… it’s just depend of what you really include in these “same things”. It’s OK to buy the same “kind of clothes”; It’s different to always buy exactly the same all alike clothes..;)

  7. My worst fault is that my wardrobe is full of really good stuff I had when I was slimmer and I am having a struggle to shed the extra pounds. My classic YSL cashmere coat doesn’t flatter me now but it would KILL ME to get rid it. I take it out and weep over it from time to time.

    • Turn the page Anna, it takes time to sheld the extra pounds… We all (we, the women) pass through different stage of weight during our lifetime… Why not storing your “too tight good suff” for later and invest in adequate clothes at the right size you need. You’ll sell them when they become too large.

  8. 3! I always look like I’ve tried too hard. I feel odd in one colour, I like to wear at least two.. and I have only ever looked elegant about twice.
    and the multiple items one – I have a cardigan in every colour, if not two of each and I’m now at an age (early forties) where they make me feel frumpy (Or warm) instead of sweet, like in your twenties when even a bin bag looks nice.

    I wish there was a blog where it suggested how things could be best worn, maybe there is one but they all seem to look like models with perfect lives!

    • I know what you mean Jo about your last sentence;) About looking elegant but not “too dressy”, it’s not helpless… I’ll tell you why very soon…

  9. 4 out of 5 were answered, yes!
    I do buy clothes and never wear them. I Usually get home and don’t have shoes to go with them. Sometimes I buy inexpensive knit shirts to coordinate with jackets and stuff them down in the drawer. and keep wearing the same white one for which I paid $85.00.
    I buy dresses I never wear. I have thin legs and wished I could have studied ballet, but
    We couldn’t afford it. Guess what, I just started my life long
    Desire of Ballet Lessons at the Louisville Ballet.

  10. Hi Cecile, what interesting questions you pose. I absolutely make mistake #1. First, I buy shoes and bags that I never use. But for some reason, I must have them. Perhaps I collect them o because I find them beautiful. I have a great love of YSL shoes, so I go overboard and buy more when, in fact, I wear the same few pairs only. I do this with handbags as well that I never carry. Then, I make mistake #5 and I constantly buy inexpensive clothes that are cute but very common and not great quality, (H&M & Top Shop). I know it would be best to stop buying both these things and just buy mid range high quality items.

    Perhaps you have some ideas for me? I would love that.

    Thank you for doing such a fantastic blog. It truly is a pleasure to read!
    Best wishes from Chicago

    • Thank you Alexandra! I’m sure you can improve your shopping in learning some useful tips.

  11. Cecile,
    I am just now starting to filter what I see on a hanger at the store or online. I have to see if it suits my body type. In addition the fabric is important to me. I usually know the best colors I can wear but I really have to focus to avoid #1.

    • Despites some computer issues – my file has disapeared all in sudden :( – I am about to finish a whole training program about it. I’ll keep you inform ;)

  12. Cecile, I love the training course I bought from you!! It’s just what I was looking for. Now I know that I’m an H body, and it all makes sense. I’m only half way through but I’ve learned so much already. Thank you!

  13. I have made 4 out of 5 – I have a pair of trousers I bought from La Redoute – which have never been on – they looked lovely in the Brochure – but – unfortunately not the same on me – ……..

    • It’s not so easy to buy pants without trying them before. May be you can send them back?

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