Your Parisian Guide to Wear Prints

From stripes to florals, prints are a given for Spring and Summer collections. They certainly add some style to your outfit. But mixing prints can be tricky.

Here’s a tutorial to avoid major faux pas.

1/If you’re not used to it (and not very comfortable with it…), add it by small touch

You can start with printed accessories that will add some fun to any of your outfits. Just as

– Printed shoes

Sneakers from Asos

Sneakers from Asos

– Printed belt

 how to wear prints (belt from Isabel Marant)


– Printed bag

From Bensimon

From Bensimon

– Printed scarf


(scarf from Kookai)


2/ If you want to wear a major printed piece, keep in mind your morphology

As prints will focus all the attention, be careful to where you place them on your body.

Do you want to focus on the bottom? Like here:

how to wear prints


Or will they look better, on the top?

From Mon Showroom

From Mon Showroom

how to wear prints(Picture from Pinterest)


And don’t add printed accessories close to them

even if it’s about the same prints, like the shoes here…

from Glam Radar2


3/A safe way of wearing prints  is to mix them with neutral colors

It will always work with black,

 How to wear prints(From Pinterest)

Navy blue,

How to wear prints(From Harper Bazaar)

Or beige,

How to wear prints(From Pinterest)


You can easily combine them with jean/denim, as well

How to wear prints(picture from Pinterest)

How to wear prints(from Murphy)


4/And if you want to go further, you can mix prints together…

That’s where it becomes a little tricky

Of course, you don’t want to look like this!

Different options then:

You can mix prints that come in the same pattern, like here:

How to wear prints

From Chanel

Or with different kind of stripes

How to wear prints(from Alexis Mabille)

How to wear prints

Pay attention to the prints size. See here as the large ones on the top make this model looks wider than she really is.

(picture from J. Crew)

How to wear prints(Olivia Palermo, picture via Pinterest)

Or you can play with prints that come in the same colors (or in the same range of colors), like in these 3 examples

How to wear prints(picture from Pinterest)

How to wear prints(from Thom Browne)

How to wear prints(Jenna Lyons, picture from Pinterest)

Just be careful about the “dangerous” combinations…

From Pinterest

From Pinterest




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  1. I really enjoyed these images, Cecile! I’m terrified of prints and nearly always wear neutrals perhaps with a printed scarf. I’m going to be a bit braver – I loved the printed shoes; and maybe I’ll try a printed top.

    • Go for it Anna. It will be easy to add to your usual neutrals colors ;) I’m sure it will pop up any of your outfits!

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