Always Chic, Whatewer the Circumstances Are


I already wrote about what was the main doctrine to dress chic, the Parisian way. Like in this post: “Back to French Chic Basics“.

It’s a statement : Parisians women try to stay chic whatever the circumstances are.

And do you know why?

1/Because they have been taught like this by their mothers, grand-mothers, aunts, etc.

2/Because, they won’t feel good if they don’t do it.

3/ And because, let’s be objective: there is a big competition among French women . Not necessary to seduce men. We don’t dress in the morning thinking about them. Unconsciously we try to amaze other women… One of my friend recently told me that when a man compliments her about how she was dressed, that makes her getting suspiscious, thinking that may be she wears a too short dress or a too deep t-shirt… But if it’s a womanl that underlines that she wears such a nice pair of shoes, Bingo! she’s delighted for the whole day. And as Paris is a city full of fashionable and stylish women, it’s a fun but tough competition!

So here are some suggestions to stay chic and simply elegant in every situations. As we do in Paris!

1/ Walking in the morning to the closest bakery

French bakery

Sorry ladies but a headscarf and a coat: it won’t do!


You just wake up hungry and there’s nothing left for breakfast. Not a valuable reason to run out with your pyjamas and a coat to cover it… Here is what you can put on without wasting too much time. And don’t forget to take off your plastic hair clip!

Always Chic



2/ Doing sports


Always Chic

Why does it have to be so ugly?


Here you are. You’re ready. This time you’re going to stick to your good resolutions: going for a run in the park at least once in the week. And for being successful, you just bought this stupendous fluo colors technical fabric outfit. Its label says : “Material absorbs and wicks perspiration away + The product has retro-reflective sections for running at night + The fabric fibres capture odor molecules“. Ok, sounds perfect… But why does it have to look so ugly?

Why not choosing one with less technologic fibers (unless you prepare a Marathon, it won’t make any change) but in a nice neutral color, like one of those.

Always Chic Always Chic Always Chic Always Chicpictures from Pinterest

Incidentally, I found a French trademark “Coureur du Dimanche” that sell nice running t-shirts in technical fabrics:

French Chic

You can also choose one with your favorite Park name…

French Chic


French Chic

3/ Walking your dog

French Chic


When you go out for a walk with you dog, you choose outdoors places where dogs can play, run or whatever dogs usually do… So you avoid wearing heels (because they will sink into the grass) or pencil skirts (no so easy to run after the dog ;) ).

And you might go out of your house with just a shapeless pants and an old coat or pullover. Who cares, the dog won’t notice…

Always chic

Who cares, the dog won’t notice…


Well, ok you’re right for the heels and the pencil skirt: you don’t need them in that case. But I’m sure, there are a lot of other clothes combination that could be found (so your dog won’t be ashamed ;) …). Here’s 2.


Outing the dog with style




4/ Picking up your kids at school

French Chic

Kids might be proud of the simple elegance of their mother.


In the same way you did for a dog walk, you don’t pay too much attention at your clothes when you go pick up your kids at school. Anyways, you prefer to look as a good mother than a “bimbo. Besides you might need to carry your kids stuff or being able to run to catch them… Still, why denying your personal style and the way you like to dress just because you’re a mother? And who knows ? Your kids might be proud of the simple elegance of their mother…

Some inspiration :

Picking up your kids with style



5/ Doing grocerie shopping

French Chic

Last year, Karl Lagarfeld rebuilt a whole supermarket for its Chanel défilé…


Grocery shopping : how boring! Who wants to dress for that chore? Very few chances to meet prince charming in the supermarket… No? Well, who knows? And even if you’re a faithful wife what if it happen you meet an old boyfriend… would you like to be sum up to the hopeless yoga or sweatpants that you worn that day… (Ok, the picture above is a joke: no need to wear Chanel…). Here are some ideas:

Doing grocery shopping with style




6/Long distance travelling

Having a long distance plane travel is not a long, quiet river… You have to find some sleep in an uncomfortable seat, you might be disturbed by a noisy nearby passenger and you’ll certainly arrive tired and a little jet-lagged.

French Chic

But is it a valuable excuse to wear this baggy pants with these flip-flops?

French Chic

For this occasion, you need to wear a comfortable pair of pants (a jeans might be too tight), a dress or a skirt that you feel good with (a long one could be a good choice). The dress or skirt is a good idea because it allows you wearing compression stockings. These stockings are very usefull for long distance travel because they prevent blod clots that could occur if you have blood circulation problems. In any cases, you’ll need to walk during the flight, so think about clothes that allows you to move with ease.

Long distance travelling with style


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  1. Cecile

    I loved this section and to prove I am an avid fan of yours I am hoping to send you a photograph of me on a walk last Saturday having noted your suggestions for various occasions. The compliments have been numerous!


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