7 Trends We will Still Wear in Paris this Fall/Winter

cover pictures from left to right: coat-Paul and Joe Sister, bag-Sezane, jacket – And Other Stories, velvet jacket-Weekday, Leopard belt-BalzacParis, dress-Hartford, Blouse-Day Off, Croco bag-Sandro, Croco boots- Ganni, shoes-Anthology Paris

As Parisian shopping windows flourish with new Fall/Winter Collections, let’s make a review of what will be the strong trends « à la Parisienne » for this next season.

1/ Jeans, jeans, jeans… but not skinny ones

Jeans have always been French staples and we all are for searching the « jeans of our life », the one that is the best fitted for us… That’s why we usually ditched the skinny ones. Unless being really skinny yourself, skinny jeans badly underline tights (and chicken tights), large hips or curved calves… A high-waisted pair of jeans with a straight leg or slight flair is much more flattering and will balance out a feminine silhouette.


Jeans from Weekday

Paul and Joe Sister


Two Parisians girls wearing jeans from A.P.C.

2/ Boots and Booties

Unlike the Parisian legend says, no, we are not running to catch the metro and walking all day long on pavement streets with 12 cm black stilettos… In Fall and winter season we favor our boots and low boots and they will surely be back in our wardrobe this season. Some of us already have splurged on Isabel Marant’s genuine Dickers when others bought « look like » models… But a new trend is raising this season: the western style boots (we call them « Santiags »). Western looking but not the genuine cowboys’ boots we were wearing in the 80’…

How do I wear it? With modern urban style clothes or a pair of jeans. No western style boot flare pants nor fringe jackets, we’re not applying for a job in a Saloon, right ;)

Boots Ganni


Boots Valentine Gauthier


Boots Isabel Marant


Boots Patricia Blanchet


Boots FreeLance


3/ Masculine style pieces in Checks/Pied de poule/Chevron/ Prince of Whales… prints

This is not really a « new » trend but we still see it declined in a lot of collections. Even for shoes…

How do I wear it? Adding a feminine touch with soft colors, a delicate top, a neckless or a dress.




The Frankie Shop


Left: M. Moustache ; Right: Mellow Yellow


4/ Romantic blouses

A quiet steady trend that we find again among a lot of brands

How do I wear it? Just the opposite than above: with jeans or pants in a cool/relax way and not adding too much of girly accessories

Day Off via Place des Tendances



4/ Panther/ Leopard/Snakeskin… and even Crocodile : wild animal prints everywhere

This trend isn’t completely new either but it will continue this year.

How do I wear it? No panther total look! Only in small touches as a top, sneakers, pouches, belts, scarves…

Bobbi bag from Jérôme Dreyfuss


Loafers and bag from Swildens


Top and 2 bags below: The Frankie Shop

Anthology Paris


5/ Flower prints dresses and corduroy are coming back again from the ’70s





Jacket and pants below: Weekday


6/ Oversized sweater and hoodies

These are quite interesting to give a relaxed nonchalant look to any of fall-winter outfits

Hoodie Weekday



Des petits hauts

How do I wear it? With nothing too loose: a long skirt, classic cut pants or a straight one

7/ A slight move in shoe design: pointed toes or/and square heels

As it usually hurts the feet, I don’t know if this new pointed shoe trend will last long. Pointed heels can also be too contratsting with muscled calves.

The other shoes trend – square heels – fits all legs shapes and is much more comfortable and easy to wear.


Bimba y Lola






Anthology Paris




I surely forgot something but it’s a first seasonal review…

And most important, these trends might inspire you but you don’t need to adopt any if:

– You don’t like it (or you already feel bored of it),

– It doesn’t look good on you,

– It doesn’t match with any of your wardrobe items,

– It’s certainly not your style


Because, as Alexander Mc Queen said once:

« Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment »



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5 commentaires

  1. Cecile, Thank you for the informative article. I have an observation to make; some fashion photographs make outfits/clothes/shoes looks so ugly nowadays. The Ganni boots (lovely boots) do not look good with skinny little legs sticking out of them and topped with a polka dots skirt that finished centimeters up the leg. I do appreciate fashion does not take elegance into consideration very often these days and that is so very evident from a number of the photographs posted in this article. When looking for inspiration on Paris style fashion my icon is Ines, always perfect.

    • Thank you Breda for sharing these good observations. In fact, I believe that fashion world (in general) doesn’t really care about elegance anymore. The point is just how to be distinct. How to be totally different and new to be noticed… and you’re right just as designers, a lot of fashion photographs are perpetuing this madness!

  2. Cécile, thank you so much for telling us about the new trends in Paris this fall. I am happy that skinny jeans are taking a break these days. I much prefer the more relaxed look.

    • Hello Michelle, I totally agree with you about the jeans;) Who decided that we should have « skinny legs »?

  3. Love the romantic blouses. ❤️ Not fond of high waisted jeans but do love the relaxed look. I honestly say good bye to anything resistive on the body. ; )

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