7 Tips to Wear Shorts in a Stylish Effortless Way

(Pictures from Sezane & The Frankie Shop)

Summer = Sun = Shorts! And shorts are not made just for running on the beach… it’s a perfect summer staple allowing endless outfit combos.

If you want to wear it in an effortlessly cool and chic way, here are 7 suggestions.

  • Avoid the too short shorts
  • Go for high waist
  • Wear them with flats, plateforms or low heels
  • Style them with a button-down shirt or an elegant blouse
  • Add a suit jacket
  • Give a final touch with refined accessories
  • Play with patterns and fabrics

1/ Avoid the too short shorts

Especially in the city. Keep them for sport activities and prefer longer lengths. It will be always more elegant and easier to wear in any circumstances.

Boden shorts (inside leg available in 4″/10cm, 6″/15cm or 9″/23cm)

If your office allows shorts during the summer, try a pair that hits mid-thigh or just above the knee. For thicker thighs, try a minimal pattern and a slightly longer length – like Bermuda. The Bermudas are perfect for pear-shaped & hour-glass shaped women.

2/ Go for high waist shorts

They are really flattering and allow a lot of nice combinations. Don’t forget to tuck your top inside or just above the waist.

The Frankie Shop

La Redoute


La Redoute


3/ Wear them with flats, plateforms or low heels

The Frankie Shop

No high heels with shorts. Just like with short skirts, it’s a no go! Knowing that you can wear almost every kind of flats or low heels with it.

4/ Style them with a button-down shirt or an elegant blouse




The Frankie Shop

5/ Add a suit jacket


The Frankie Shop



If shorts are allowed in your office it will be the perfect Summer working outfit!

6/ Give a final chic touch with refined accessories

Bag and short Soeur

7/ Play with patterns and fabrics

Give your legs some room to breathe with a pair of linen shorts.




 A more rigid fabric creates the appearance of a structured silhouette.

The Frankie Shop

Printed shorts are a great way to liven up any look. But remember it: prints are always going to draw attention, so prefer neutrals plain colors if you want to focus on your top body.

And you? How do you like wearing shorts in the summer?

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