5 Tips to Get Dressed Every Morning in 5 mn!

The facts: time flies, you’re late and here again, you don’t know what to wear…

It has nothing to do with your wardrobe (full of clothes): you just have no inspiration, no ideas, no desire of wearing anything you have…

I think we’ve all been through this… Sometimes we’re just not in a good mood and or we feel like we would go for something different (or new?). However, when it happens, before falling for a new dress, I have a few tips to move on.

(when not credited, all pictures are from Pinterest)

1/ Start with neutral pieces of clothing


idk what to wearA nice wool navy coat and a soft brown sweater, a good fitted jeans and a pair of beautiful booties: what else do you need?

A neutral piece of clothing is a really good staple that you can start with when you’re lacking inspiration. It’s quite like cooking: imagine that not knowing what to eat, you’re opening a closet looking for inspiration and here they are: pasta! A perfect foundation for your next dinner. Yet you just need to decide what sauce you’re going to add! (in our clothing case, the sauce will be the accessories ;)

This is why it is so important to have good basics in your wardrobe.

And what a neutral piece of clothing shall have?

  • an easy to wear well-fitting shape

what to wear todayThe perfect white shirt with the perfectly cut jeans


  • a neutral color (black, grey, white, off-white, beige, navy blue, dark green, burgundy)

5 fixes when you don't know what to wear

2/ If your staples have outstanding cut and fabric, you may just wear them without adding anything and have a stunning outfit! (Mais si !)

what to wear w

what to wear casualThe Frankie Shop


If you want to add personal style to it:

  • Mix different neutral colors


what to wear today

  • Mix different textures in the same shades

what to wear trendy

  • Style up the clothes: lift up collar, roll sleeves, or bottom pants, etc

how to look stylishSneakers Spring Court


3/ If you want something more playful: add colored accessories to your neutral basics!

Now, you know why I’m an accessories lover! :))

Add a scarf

how to get stylish fastThe Frankie Shop

A colored or printed bag

French girl outfit

Jeans dress


Yellow bagThe Frankie Shop

A pair of statement earings

Accessorize like a pro


Stunning booties or heels…

How do you spice up a boring outfitPatricia Blanchet

How to dress simple and stylishcollagevintage.com


4/ A different strategy will be to start with a statement piece

Even if you’re not attending a fancy vernissage or a fashionable evening, knowing this little tip, you can wear cutting-edge pieces on a daily basis…

First, you have to identify the characteristics of the piece: what makes it unique and exciting?

How to dress stylish

Is it the shape? super skinny, super short, super baggy, super voluminous?

Is it the style: baroque, retro, futurist, arty, extra dressy?

Is it the color?

Of course, a single piece can gather several eccentric features…

5/Then, balance in the opposite direction of the statement piece

Sometimes, it can be a piece of clothing that has been sleeping in your closet for years because it is too extreme. Find in what way it’s extreme and match with the opposite.

Isabel Marant jacketIsabel Marant


Few examples:

Too short > Too revealing, too sexy > wear baggy, wear flat, wear casual

= A mini skirt with booties and an oversized sweater

mini skirt with boots

Too baggy > Therefore not flattering > wear skin tight, reveal skin at other places

= overlong overlarge leg pants with a tight top tucked in

what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers

Both pants The Frankie Shop

How to wear wide leg pants

Too ladylike > Too retro, too classic, too old > wear boyish, wear fashionable

= Chanel heels with a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater

Chanel slingback

Too arty > too crazy, too eccentric > wear basic, wear understated

= A multicolored skirt with a black top (or a beige trench coat) and a pair of sneakers (or black shoes)

How to dress for apple shape


Too dressy > too much for the occasion > wear casual, wear simple

= A white lace top with jeans and flats

How to dress effortless chic

Too bright > too noticeable > wear neutrals, wear subdued shades

= a bright fuschia pants with an off-white jacket and pale pink tee-shirt

How to wear pink pants

Both pictures Scotch&Soda

how to dress fashionably

Et Voila! You shouldn’t have a hard time dressing anymore! ;)

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