5 Chic Telling Details

As I wrote it already, French chic isn’t such an obvious thing to achieve.

It’s not as simple as wearing a little black dress or a Breton striped sweater… telling details are really important too.

Here are a few that I’d like to share with you.

1/Wearing a top opened in the back isn’t so easy… and who wants to show the ugly fixing strip of the bra? Here is the perfect solution created by Le Bow Paris. Such a nice idea!

How to dress french chic


2/Wearing scarfs can be considered as kind of a « national sport » here in France. Even in Spring or Summer, it will always add a touch of « je ne sais quoi » to an ordinary white t-shirt. These beautiful ones are from Inoui Toosh…

How to dess French Chic


inouitoosh-evelioneldress chic like a ParisianAll scarves from Inoui Toosh

3/Do you think that socks are a minor detail in an outfit? Well, I don’t

Look at the difference they can make with a simple pair of jean

How to dress French Chic

Socks from Bonne Maison


How to dress french chic

4/ Do you plan to attach your hair with this?

pince-cheveuxWill it be nice and chic?


Why not wearing one of these instead (all comes from Pique et Pince)

French chic

From Pique et Pince


5094-cs400-barrette-bronze-et-chocolat 3665-barrette-cheveux-gros-strass

5/ A last detail, the composition label. Sometimes we forget to cut it.

Do we really want to show it? Like here…

dress Paris chicParis chic dressing

Or the one under our shoes…chic telling detail

We don’t see it, but when we walk, it instantly ruins the allure of the cutest shoes!

And what about you? I’m sure you have your own telling details…Let’s share them in the comments below!

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