4 Tips Not to Be Forgotten When You Wear Velvet


It was on my radar since last year, and yes I confess, I succumbed!

It’s warm, cozy and soft, it adds luxe texture to any outfits and it nicely shows off colors in different subtle shades. Velvet isn’t just for fancy occasions anymore. I love seeing it worn as part of an everyday look. And this season, especially with corduroy it’s really easy to add it in our Fall/Winter wardrobe staples.

Thus, if you don’t pay attention to little details, it can make you look too vintage, cheap and neglected or at the opposite overly sophisticated or traditional…

(cover pictures: M&S, LaRedoute, Vestiaire Collective)

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1/ Pay attention to the quality of the fabric. There are velvet and velvet. If the fabric is too thin, too smooth, too shiny or has a used or crinkled effect: leave it. It can be soft (in particular for a dress) but it always should come in a good quality fabric.

Whether you pair it with jeans, cigarette pants or a cinched-in skirt, this silk-blend fabric shirt (Boden) will add a textural dimension to any outfit! You can even wear this long-sleeved blouse open as a chic evening cover-up.


2/ Start with a unique piece in your outfit. If you feel like trying it, a velvet two-piece suit is right, but don’t add velvet accessories or shoes on top of that, or else you might come off as way too overzealous.

Smooth Velvet Buttoned Dress with 3/4 Sleeves in La Redoute


Tired of camel or beige? Why not an off-white corduroy jacket? (found on M&S)


3/ Style it with sobriety! It’s already a strong piece, then avoid shine fabrics, leather, suede, silk, sequins… To be sure to look modern, wear it with matte or simple materials like wool, cashmere, jeans, denim, cotton.

Corduroy pants and jacket La Redoute

4/ Mix it with unformal pieces. If it’s styled in a too classic way, velvet can easily end to a rather strict outfit that can either look outdated or aging.

(Pinterest pictures) Avoid matching it with fabrics as tartans, wool tailor fabrics (stripes, Prince of Whales, tweed, etc.) too sophisticated details as laces, pussy-bow or ruffles or bling jewelry.

At the opposite, it will easily add a chic touch to any casual piece. Why not: a simple cotton tee-shirt + a velvet jacket? A denim jacket + a velvet pants or skirt?…


Finally, if you are not a fan of velvet on the main parts of your wardrobe, adopt it in touches: a camisole under a soft wool cardigan or more discreet accessories such as pumps (not to wear in too wet weather though) or bags. And even if you don’t want to break the bank to get the stunning velvet Gucci Marmont, here is a much more affordable selection:


Rebecca Minkoff Black evening bag (Vestiaire Collective)


This Lanvin one is also available on Vestiaire Collective


Sofia crossbody Salvatore Ferragamo bag


Vintage Courrege velvet bag in Etsy


Red evening bag (Etsy)



What about velvet colors?

If it comes in a rather smooth fabric, velvet often shines and doesn’t flatter chubby bellies and round silhouettes.

Pleats + pink shiny velvet: not the best option for a round silhouette

So, if you choose a soft velvet fabric, prefer dark colors such as black, dark green, khaki, shades of blue or wine dregs.

If you’re tired of navy blue or black, why not going for this beautiful olive color seen in M&S?


Or choose the corduroy!

As its fine lines are an asset to stretch the silhouette, it will be easier to opt for colors with corduroy.

See the difference between this pink blush skirt (La Redoute) and this shiny pink dress above (seen on Pinterest)…


Same here, with this easy to wear pastel blue corduroy jacket (Asos) vs. this too shiny version on the right





For more inspiration, here is a short shopping selection:

So, how do you feel about wearing velvet this Winter?

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