10 Tips to Look Younger

You might have heard about this book : “French Women Don’t get Facelifts”. I don’t want to create a controversy about it: I didn’t even read it ;-). I just think that the title is openly overstated! May be, it’s an editor advice to sell more books… In real world, like every women in the world, French women do get facelifts. The slightly difference may resides in the fact that they have a lighter social pressure to do it…
Whatever, we’re all getting older, every year. Can we do something about it?
Can we “cheat” or find tricks in order to look younger. Sure, we can! And I don’t speak about facelift and other heavy procedures.
I am telling about much more easy, simple and affordable tips


1/ Eat a well-balanced diet.
– Drink a lot of water (1.5 to 2 l a day) or green tea
– Choose antioxidant meals with ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) ingredients as cinnamon, dried oregano, saffron, mustard, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pear, grapefruit, plums, cherries, oranges, apples, dark chocolate (70% cocoa), pistachios, lentils, beans, avocado, broccoli, asparagus and …a small glass of red wine.
– Don’t eat too much meat (no more than three time a week)
– Prefer fish dishes with omega 3 fatty acid (as salmon, trout, herring).
– Prefer whole weat (bred, rice…) and seasonal fresh products


2/But don’t do a diet or try to bo too  skinny
In fact, if you’re focused on being skinny, or if you lose weight too quickly, it may actually make you look older. » How so? Skin can become saggy around the face, hands, or arms…


 3/ Exercice every day
Have a 15 min walk, take your bicycle for a ride, go back to a gym class… Studies show that a brisk walk will lower your stress levels and blood pressure, as well as improve your blood circulation.Another plus? Walking also has long-term benefits, like slowing cognitive decline and warding off Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. And exercise not only maintain you flexibility, your nimbleness and avoid heart diseases, exercise is also good to keep a good mood !




tips to look younger4/ Keep a good posture
How many years do you instantly get when you have a slouchy posture? Good posture not only makes you look healthier, and possibly even younger, but it also helps you ward off pain. To have the good one: contract your abdominals without blocking breathing, squeeze your shoulder blades to open the shoulders and grow yourself imagining that a wire is pulling you over the celling.


A perfect haircut for Sharon Stones

A perfect haircut for Sharon Stones

A too classical hairdoo.

A too classical hairstyle










5/Boost Your Hairs
Unless you have a nice hair type, choose a neat cut not too long – but not too short either : your hairs length can be close to your shoulders. Trust a trendy hairdresser and ask him for a dynamic cut. Don’t always go to your same nearby hairdresser. For a good cut invest in a more fashionable one!

Another surprising way to look instantly younger? Bangs. A great way to conceal unwanted wrinkles on the forehead! It also keeps the shape around your face light and lifted, whereas longer layers can have a dragging effect. Bangs signify youth.
When it comes to color your hair avoid monotone hair color, hard lines and demarcated colors. The key to a more youthful appearance is to go with dimensional tones. Keep tones warm, not cool, and be sure to add face-framing highlights to make your face look brighter. If you hairs are sensitive or damaged, prefer colorations with natural ingredients (as plants). Use and abuse of masks and hair care oils.



Tips to look younger

Ok when you are in your twenties…


6/ Use your clothes to look younger not to aged you
– Give away sleevless tops (unless you have beautiful toned upper arms)
– Avoid deep necklines: you don’t want to show your wrinkles round your neck
– Let too short (or too long) skirts or dresses for the younger women. Just above the knee is usually a good compromise
– Don’t choose pants with low waist


– Avoid tight fitted fabrics


Avoid tight fitted fabrics

Avoid tight fitted fabrics

– If you need to wear outfits be careful to add a less serious top or accessorie with it

Iris Arpel in black with her famous creative necklaces.

Iris Arpel in black with her famous creative necklaces.

– And please let the super sensible shoes in your closets. Shoes with thick rubber soles or squarish tips can age even the trendiest clothing suit! A better choice might be wedges, boots or plateform shoes that are half a size larger than your usually wear (so they don’t restrict your toes).





How old does Bree look like with her pearls?

How old Bree looks like with her pearls?

7/ Avoid the “too serious” accessories
– Glasses : you need a pair of course, but choose it carefully. Too classic ones can give you 10 years more. For the glasses frame, prefer light colors (like light brown, light grey or turtle shell style) to steel or black ones (too strict). Or go for a bright red or blue frame. If it’s your colors and your style, why not?

– Jewellery : of course, you can wear your traditional pearl or gold necklace. But beware, in that matter to stay young and fresh. Why not mixing it with costume jewellery (bijoux fantaisie as we called it)?

Why not ? (picture from Advanced Style)

Why not ? (picture from Advanced Style)


– Scarf, bags, belts : just the same. It doesn’t look the same if you wear a Hermes scarf when you’re 20 or 55 years old… Of course you can still wear your Hermes scarf if you’re over 50, but avoid to pair it with a formal suit. Keep it for casual occasions when you’re wearing a jean, a t- shirt or a sporty jacket.

This very classic look is OK but only when you’re young


tips to look younger

A perfect combinaison! (picture from une fille la mode des addictions)















8/ Enlight your face
Sometimes, foundation has a tendency to settle into the wrinkles and fine lines we’re trying to smooth over instead of, you know, actually smoothing them over. To avoid this annoyance: It’s all about hydration. Drink lots of water and use a serum or cream with hyaluronic acid in it. Then, use a filler like before applying a foundation base or a BB cream (even lighter).
With your foundation, work more carefully aroud the eyes, eyelids and nostrils. Stay in matching tones (don’t try to look tan) and illuminate your face in adding a little of pink powder in it. You can also use pink blush (better than orange tones ones).
Watch out about makeup. Of course it can enhance beauty, but too much can also make you look older.


Light makeup, pink cheeks... Andie MacDowell just look perfect!

Light makeup, pink cheeks… Andie MacDowell just looks perfect!

9/ Pay attention to your brows
Having soft, natural-looking eye framers will take years off your face.Instead of skinny lines and strong arches, now it’s all about creating a soft, natural-looking shape. The soft arch that isn’t too full or thin makes you look younger because it softly defines your eyes. Thin brows are too harsh and accentuate aging skin around the eyes. You can fill in your brows with a soft, waxy pencil or powder using short, feathery strokes. Brush them out thoroughly with a spoolie brush, set them with a swipe of clear brow gel, and you’ll be good to go.


Tips to look younger

Ines de La Fressange : perfectly young looking, like usual…

10/ And last but not least : stay curious and smile !
Being interested in new trends, new technologies, new foods, new musics, new movies, new languages…. Whatever your curiosity is focus on, it’s really important to stay connected to our days. Look at the kids, they are so curious about everything. In my opinion, keeping this faculty of being attracted by unknown subjects, it’s a key for staying young. Forever!
And of course, laughing and smile at least once a day!

What do you think? What are your special tips to stay young?

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  1. This is a great list, Cecile. I agree particularly about posture. I think this is something French women do so well. To walk in a confident elegant way is an excellent way to look younger.

    I think hair colour is important. Grey hair can look wonderful (Christine Lagarde!) but if you want to colour it, I think it can be a big mistake to have hair that is too dark. It can actually make you look older, Do you agree that it is better to go a bit lighter rather than to have a harsh black dye?

    • I know for myself – that when my hair is darker I feel and look a lot older – same, though if you go too blonde – it is about getting just the right shade – but also if you were glasses – picking the right colour of frames that brings out the colour of your eyes …..and for me – no matter how much I try to go casual – I have to balance a little casual with classic lines. What does anyone else think ?

  2. I totally agree with you Ana. Christine Lagarde grey hairs are just beautiful. When you have the same thick and healthy hair you might try to keep them grey or even white. It can be very classy!
    About too dark hair it’s also true. Even if you’ve always been a brunette you can’t have dark black hairs you used to have when you were younger. It will underlines your wrinkles and lines and you will look like tired. You need a lighter color, like hazelnuts, coffee or chocolate (all very appetizing indeed) and why not trying and light « baleyage » (or highlighting).

  3. I totally agree with you Anna. Christine Lagarde grey hairs are just beautiful. When you have the same thick and healthy hair you might try to keep them grey or even white. It can be very classy!
    About too dark hair it’s also true. Even if you’ve always been a brunette you can’t have dark black hairs you used to have when you were younger. It will underlines your wrinkles and lines and you will look like tired. You need a lighter color, like hazelnuts, coffee or chocolate (all very appetizing indeed) and why not trying and light « baleyage » (or highlighting).

  4. Dear Cecile, I happened to have some pearl necklaces of different length in lavender and peacock colours. Do you have any idea in wearing / layering them and any rule of wearing pearl necklace so that one does not look old? Thanks again for your advice.

  5. Well Tan, this is a good question. Pearls are difficult to wear because very classic. They may old you if you’re not mixing them with more trendy details. Prefer wearing them with a jean/Tshirt outfit than with a formal suite. You can also pair them with no precious jewelry as fancy costume jewelry in colored plastic. Or with non classic pieces as handcrafted or ethnic ones…You could also imagine wearing your necklaces around your wrists. The thing is to find something offbeat, unusual…

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