10 French Tips to Instantly Improve Your Silhouette in the Summer

Tips to stay Slim in the Summer

1/ Eat fruits, don’t drink them

Eating a fruit or drinking a fruit juice is not about the same…

For example: to prepare a glass of orange juice, you must squeeze the equivalent of 3 to 4 oranges: much more sugar calories than if just eat one orange… and with the juice, you lose precious fibers and part of vitamins and minerals. The same for smoothies: they not only contain several fruits but also very often milk + bananas. Too much calories! There are so many delicious seasonal fruits in Summer, just eat them!



2/ Barbecue and plancha are your best friends

In a festive and friendly atmosphere, they both allow cooking meats, fish, and even vegetables without adding fat.

Be careful, though: if the cooking is fat-free, the cooked food can be fat if you do not make the right choices. Yes to steaks or chicken fillet but be careful with sausages or pork ribs… And no need to say: no sauces, dips or ketchup… Mixed herbs (thyme,  rosemary, sage) or mustard id OK.


3/ Avoid beach sweeties

Here in France, we have all kinds of sidewalk vendor walking on the beach selling delicious donuts, churros, pralines, etc. My solution  not to be tempted: I bring summer fruits (apricots, nectarines, diced melon or watermelon) in my beach bag. Bonus: these summer fruits are full of vitamin A and will accentuate the tan of your skin!


Tips to stay Slim in the Summer

4/ Trade your ice cream for a delicious sorbet

Ice cream is made with cream: just leave this very sugary and fatty food… When it’s getting hot, go for the pleasure of a sorbet: just fruit + water + a little of sugar :)


5/ Soft drinks? Why not, but sugar-free!

I’m not found with sodas (you never know what are all this stuff inside…I prefer sparkling water) but if you feel like a good old Coke why not going for a sugar-free one. Just as a reminder: soft drinks provide about 7 pieces of sugar for 33 cl (a can) or 140 calories.


Tips to stay Slim in the Summer

6/An aperitif, yes, but under control!

Summer: the perfect time to share cocktails with friends. Peanuts, sausage, chips, alcohol the evil combo to start the eveningDoes this mean suppress our dear summer drink?

Trade the sausages for beautiful shrimps (without the mayo!) or ham. Eliminate peanuts that you replace wisely by a few cherry tomatoes and green olives, make small cheese toast with fresh slices of cucumber or mini-skewers of tomato + mozzarella + ham + melon make it special!


7/Move, Move, Move: enjoy outdoors sports… or just walk

Swimming, beach volley, walking the waterfront, bike ride … And if you feel desperately attracted by recliners and hammocks, try to enjoy the Summer in just walking to the local market ;)


8/ Drink a lot of water

Drinking water in Summer more often than the rest of the year is essential. Heat dehydrates our bodies: our needs are greater, also because it is often difficult to identify the thirst and it can be confused with hunger.



Tips to stay Slim in the Summer

9/ Do not use too much of olive oil

What a better treat than a good olive oil with Provencal flavors to give a sunshine taste in our salads and vegetables? With its reputation for healthy food, associated with the Mediterranean diet, we often sprinkle our vegetables with all good conscience… Are we wrong?

Olive oil is certainly an excellent oil, rich in essential fatty acids, but it remains fat. Thus, a little tablespoon already contain a hundred calories! My tip: buy an oil spray, which will allow you to dose your seasoning, and choose a very flavored oil so you won’t need to sprinkle too much your dishes.



Tips to stay Slim in the Summer

10/  Take your time! Eat slowly

Stress, busy schedules, everyday race against time are factors that favor fast (and junk) food and stocking more cellulite. Enjoy Summer truce, slow the pace and take your time. In a recent interview, Ines de la Fressange testify: “I chew. When I was a little girl, I went to see a doctor because I was eating too slowly. The doctor said: “Good for her!” She belongs to the “true thin” (you know the ones who never take weight) and admitt never having been obssessed by food (and diets). She eats exactly what she wants when she is hungry (even a good choucroute!) and she stops when her stomach is full.

In taking your time you’ll be able to listen more carefuly what your stomach is saying: “Am I still hungry”? If not, you can stop. I think this is one of the best tip ever.

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8 commentaires

  1. Wise words, Cecile!

    I always lose weight when I go to France! I have a light breakfast – fruit or yoghurt in anticipation of a wonderful French lunch. Even if you choose the ‘menu gastronomique’ the portions are elegantly small and yet you feel satisfied for the rest of the day. Eating slowly, having a rest between courses, taking time to chat: all help to make you feel full without feeling ‘bloated.’ In the evening, I rarely want more than an omelette and a piece of fruit.

    And French people don’t nibble!

    • Yes Anna you’re right. We usually don’t snack. We have 3 real meals in a day. And sometimes a little “extra” for tea time ;)

  2. Such useful advice! Especially #10. If I eat in a hurry, I often question whether I have eaten at all….

  3. Merci pour cette list! ;-)

    I think for sure drinking lots of water, so important all the time, but especially in the heat of summer. And very important for when you are being active.

    I enjoy your blog.

    • Thank you Jessica! You’re right, drinking a lot of water is important all over the year. And you we can vary: “avec ou sans bulles” ;-)

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