What to wear for Christmas and New Year’eves?


What to wear for Christmas

Christmas and New Year are two important evenings that you don’t want to ruin because of a terrible clothing “faux pas”. Traps and mistakes are numerous for these two special ones.

Here are a few “do and don’t” that could help.

Cover pictures from & Other Stories and Pinterest

In any cases :

1/ Don’t exaggerate, don’t be overdressed

2/ Play with few but quality accessories

3/ Be nuanced: show less, suggest more


For Christmas Eve, it’s not a tradition here in France to wear green and red color. We usually get dressed in black – as for a special night – we might wear sequins, gold jacquard or paillettes that would add a little bright on our outfits.

Vanessa Bruno Dress available at Smallable


Sequin top Boden


Boden Flats


If you want to stay in the Christmas mood, I’ll recommend not to wear both green and red color at the same time. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree or a Santa’s elf, do you?


You’ll choose just one color for your clothes: red or green. Or you might mix red or green with a neutral color.

Why not a red dress that you can wear with opaque black tights?

Velvet dress Boden

Or spectacular red sleek trousers made from luxurious silk-blend velvet

Trousers Boden

Or a cool gold metallic jeans?

Gold jeans Boden


You can also play with traditions in a different way, wearing tartans or a folklore handicraft piece. Just be careful: don’t do it in a too classical way…

Kitten heels here

Claudie Pierlot Brooch


For Christmas (aka family evening), you’ll also prefer not too short dresses and not too pronounced V-necklines


Black panne velvet dress La Redoute

Top Claudie Pierlot






For New Year’s Eve, you are more likely to dress chic and sexy.

Still play it softly, in a subtle way. Here are a few examples :


Dress Claudie Pierlot

Louise Misha Silk dress available on Smallable



Black dress Boden

Don’t reveal everything… Maintain a part of the mystery

This dress looks wise

This dress doesn’t look very sexy… but


Not really ! BA&SH low back Pinafore Dress 2Asos Surprise!



Chic AND sexy with a maxi dress Diesel Maxi Dress with Front Split Asos

Chic and sexy with a maxi dress that reveals your legs




Asos Curve cold shoulder

Even bare shoulders can add sexiness!


Play with accessories, like a pearl embroidered clutch or a gold one

Pearl clutch


Jérôme Dreyfuss bag


Herbert Frères Soeur bag


Claris Virot bag



Choose pure lines for your clothes and add spectacular jewels (but just a few!)



All jewelry from Smallable



Bracelet Filigrane Botica 2.fr

Bracelet Filigrane via Wolf and Badger

Boucle oreille Boticca.fr

Claudie Pierlot gold chain



Do you already have any idea of what you’ll be wearing?


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10 commentaires

  1. Good morning Cecile
    I am now so excited as my trip to the Canaries is only a few weeks away and I am all set, thanks to you, for my Christmas plus summer wardrobe. I would not have thought to put my little black dress in and all I want now is a red dress, its my favourite colour, as per your designs above.

    I am so sorry I could not include the photo of my walk in your blog – it was not possible to insert it!

    Hope all is well with you and look forward to many more suggestions/ideas from you.
    Kind Regards

    • Thank you Elisabeth for this really nice feedback.
      You can send me your picture via email (postmaster@etvoila.info) and I will figure out how to post it in the blog ;)

  2. Cecile- I have again attempted to post photographs for you from my trip to the Canaries via your suggested email address. I do hope they are successful this time. I have sent them from my google email address.
    Elisabeth x

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Your pictures are just great! You look fantastic in these dresses !! My favorite is the red one ;)

  3. Cecile,
    I hope this correspondence finds you in good health and I have missed our online chats. My last email address was never recovered, and trawling through some long ago links have found you again – thankfully.
    It’s been a very busy time this year and my feet don’t seem to have touched the ground – lots of grandson duties and big personal changes! Look forward to your posts again this Autumn.
    Kind Regards
    Elizabeth x

  4. Bonjour Cecile – love the outfits – but at my age of 64 – just a little too young – but I love to see your emails in my inbox – Merci x

    • Hi Denise, are you sure about that? And what about a long dress? But never mind, I keep your remark in mind for my upcoming posts. Have a lovely day!

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