The 8 « Must Have » pieces for your wardrobe

Parisian women have few classical clothes that they absolutely must have in theit closets. It’s in their gene, a part of their daily life, they won’t feel comfortable without it.

Here are those obligatory pieces (and why are they so essential)

1/ A little black dress : that’s not a big surprise. We already wrote here about the LBD.

2/ A trench : a huge classic. Always trendy, always useful, always chic. No matter if you wear it with a jean or a suit. Choose a classic color  (black or beige), so you’ll keep it longer. If you can afford it go on a Burberry one. You won’t regret it !

3/ A wrap dress : Thanks to Diane Von Furstenberg who created it in the 70’s, this dress is one of the most flattering and easy to wear. I love it because even if you’ve just gained 3 kilos, the dress still perfectly fit !

4/A white shirt : another piece always chic and so easy to wear. It goes with almost everything. You even can borrow your man’s one !

5/A tweed jacket or a blazer : A sophisticated piece, easy to wear. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Chanel’s style one or a British Lord style one, it will instantaneously avoid a no-look style.

6/ A tuxedo suit : Yves Saint Laurent stole it to the men. For the first time in the 60’s, this brand with masculine-feminine accents focuses  on the tuxedo suit for women. It’s more elegant than a simple pant suit and it also looks  more trendy with a rock touch. Whatever the party’s dress code is, you’ll be sure of your perfect look for the evening.

7/ A peacoat : with a skirt or a jean, it will be perfect. And keep you warm ! And as it’s always in a navy blue color, you’re sure not to choose the wrong one for your next coat !

8/The striped sailor’s T-Shirt : Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier just love it ! Whatever the fashion of the moment is, it will always stay trendy. Just don’t ask me why ! But it looks so French. Doesn’t it ?




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