“A la Carte” Shopping Tours in Paris

Online shopping is convenient but nothing will replace a real shopping experience. Right?

So next time you’re planning to visit Paris, ask me for a customize Shopping Tour. I will select the right boutiques that instantly improve your style. All the way, I’ll give you my insider Parisian fashion advice to help you making the best choices for your individual shape, your personal style and specific needs.  We will put together unique outfits that can also be used with your existing wardrobe.

And finally, at the end of your trip, you’ll leave Paris having the certainty to have found things that works for you!

Back home, this brand new knowledge will keep helping you optimizing your next purchases.


As a personal shopper, since years, I work with women who visit France.

Just like them, take advantage of my experience and discover the best (for you) of Paris endless fashion addresses!


What can I do for you?

Saving time AND money, avoiding walking hours searching “The right piece” and come back home without it or with a useless dress bought under the store seller influence…

I work with you individually to assess and fulfill your specific goals, whether you would like to update your everyday look, obtain a complete makeover, prepare for a special event or just have a fabulous shopping experience in Paris!

From high-end designers to affordable department stores, I give you insider access, Parisian advice and an exciting and relaxing way to experience the city.

Different shopping tours are available with stops along the way at sights of interest of your choice for unique visits or photo opportunities!

These tours are ideal for those who want to shop and sightsee, exploring fascinating neighborhoods and unique boutiques.

Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau


I offer the following Services:


This is a whole day Shopping Tour, including image consulting:

– Initial consultation at your home or hotel to have a look at your wardrobe and discuss your shopping needs, body shape, colors palette, budget, lifestyle.

– Visiting selected boutiques that are going to work for you because I have already identified the ones that will be most appropriate. Time will be saved and focus will be given to those shops that can deliver your style stay within your budget.

– Fashion advice on how each item works for your individual shape and personal style. Putting together unique outfits that can be used with your existing wardrobe.  I will take care of your personal shopping needs in Paris and make it a fabulous experience!

To schedule your Private Shopping Tour: send me an e-mail at postmaster@etvoila.info


 Shopping Tour Paris(picture from Sezane)





This is a 1/2 day (3 hours) shopping tour, including:

Initial consultation by e-mail to know your shopping needs, body shape, budget, lifestyle.

Different Tours are available focusing on specific areas, as:

Le Marais, Canal Saint-Martin, Saint-Honoré/Palais Royal, Sèvre Babylone/Saint-Germains des Prés, La Muette/Passy, Les Halles/Montorgueil, Grands Magasins, Montmartre, Montaigne/Champs-Elysées…

Send me a message (postmaster@etvoila.info) with your personal wishes, I will propose you the perfect area that suits your expectations!


Shopping Tour Paris (picture Atelier Valentine Gauthier in Le Marais)



This is a 1/2 day shopping tour, including a top selection of vintage and high-quality second-hand stores in Paris.

Shopping Tour Paris


If you can’t spend too much money during your visit but would love to take advantage of your trip in Paris to get new pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, this 1/2 day shopping tour is for you! Let me take you to trendy brands outlets and popular French brands that offer the best opportunities to come back home with a complete French capsule wardrobe without needing a new bank credit!

Shopping Tour Paris

*For Afternoon, Vintage or Budget Tour, I offer special prices for groups (120€/pers.)

To have more details and schedule your Shopping Tour just send me an e-mail at postmaster@etvoila.info


Thank you Sandra for sending me this sweet message!


And if you’re not planning A Parisian trip but still aim to buy a French brand you like (but can’t find in your country) I can offer you a long-distance shopping service: I buy the items for you and send them at your address via UPS or any delivery service you prefer.

Option: long-distance shopping service: 50 € (excluding delivery costs)
















4 commentaires

  1. Had a WONDERFUL day in Paris with Cecile and came home with a complete new wardrobe, shoes, bag, scarf, dresses, tops, jeans, trousers and do you know what, they all go together! I am not talking everything black, white and grey, I have LOTS of color. And in case you are wondering Cecile was lovely. If you are thinking of doing this, just DO IT :). Cant recommend highly enough.

    • Thank you Jane! It was a real pleasure to meet the sweet woman you are and to share this day with you.

  2. I echo Jane, above. Cecile looks and listens and responds to your individuality. She has impeccable French taste, an unerring eye – neither cliched, contrived nor conventional. She has changed my style just as I hoped, clearly identifying my unlovely habits and teaching me to see myself with new eyes. Thank you, Cecile!

    • It was so nice spending this Parisian day with you, Amy! You already had a very good eye, just needed to see yourself with a new perspective and to change your “unlovely” habits as you wrote so clearly. And I will never forget that you were the one who made me discover Japanese Soba Cha!;) Thank you again!

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