If Paris was a Scent

The Scent Of Departure is an unpublished concept: the interpretation of the essence and the soul of the symbolic cities, through the prism of the olfaction. So, with Paris, it is all the sensualism of the capital that comes to light, by a musky powder bottom to which is added the sweetness and the lightness of a flowery heart, as well as a touch of rudeness was captured by a sparkling flight of citrus fruits.

The Scent Of Departure wishes to make live to those who wear them an unforgettable experience of travel.

Perfumes The Scent Of Departure is embodied in a unique design, resuming the symbolic tag of the international cities.

At dawn in the garden of the Tuileries, the sweetness of the air is full of the perfume white flowers and acid marks of the creased sheets. In the sweetness of a first sunbeam, you walk noiselessly under lemon trees by following the track embalmed by the rose garden. Your glance settles on the Louvre Palace sparkling under the morning sun, in your back opens the perspective of the Champs-Elysées, all the magic of Paris.

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