How Can You Definitely Stop Snacking Between Meals

Unless I know it was not good for me, sometimes I just could not avoided it : I had a snack between meals !

Until I found these wise and efficient advises to be less hungry between meals.

Here they are.

First of all, we don’t always snack for good reasons : Is it a need for emotional compensation? Is it boredom?  Distraction? Stress?  Just an habit? Insufficient or badly distributed food supply during the day? Or are we sincerely hungry?

or just thinking: « I am fat, I was programmed to be that way, there is nothing I can do about it »…

The way that you uncousciously imagine yourself influence your daily acts.
Do you think that your conscious brain helps you in making rational and logical decisions?
Neuroscience specialists are certains today that it’s not the case!
Our unconscious brain is the most powerful!
If you imagine that you are thin, if you act as a slim person you just won’t act the same way that if you think that you are fat. This hard to believe but it’s a true!
To become permanently thin and lean, you need to know how to think, act, and respond like a thin person does, explains Jim Katsoulis, a Master Hypnotist and certified Yoga Instructor. It is easy to know what to do, but you get results when you know how to do it.
That’s why he creates the “Program Yourself Thin Course”
A really different way to learn:
– Where Your Self Image Came From?
– How To Align Your Core Beliefs?
– How to Perceive In New Ways?
– To Feel Like A « Thin Person »?
Let speak to you Unconscious Brain the part of you that carries out automatic functions, such as breathing, but also stores all your habits.


Make a list of activities & hobbies you enjoy doing and take a few minutes to do one of these healthy activities instead.

When it’s hunger, some food could help us to eradicate this bad habit : complex carbohydrates or slow-burning sugars as bread, pasta, potatoes, pulses (as lentils for instance), seeds of cereal (rice, wheat, corn). We should eat some at each meal.

At ONE condition though : don’t eat them adding sugar or fat ingredients (like butter, cream, or sauces)  But on the other hand, don’t forget to consume vegetables (rich in fibres) at the same meal.

The digestion of this category of food is slow, so that will maintain the stability of your glycemia and will have for consequence to get you a sensation of satiety on the long term. You’ll be less hungry between meal and you won’t be tempted by snacking!

Why not trying !

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