How to wear High Heels? A Walking Lesson with Christian Louboutin

How to wear high heels

Ok, you already knew it: high heels are elegant and sexy. It shapes calves and refines legs. It stretches your silhouette and makes you look like 11 lbs. less. It makes you stand straight, it slows down your pace and gives you an elegant walk. Without forgetting that – in a masculine work environment – it will give you confidence and a real power: as women are usually smaller than men with high heels they can stare in the face their colleagues without any inferiority complex!

Still, just like me- you don’t wear high heels very often because you don’t know how to walk with it. You’re afraid to be ridiculous or you just don’t feel comfortable. In French magazine ELLE, famous shoes designer Chrisitian Louboutin recently gave his best advices to feel confident and comfortable with high heels.


Christian Louboutin. Photo from

Christian Louboutin. Photo from

Here are few tips:

  1- It’s less a question of height than a question of arch.

“You can wear pumps with 12 or 15 cm (6 inches), says Christian Louboutin but the arch shouldn’t be over 8 cm (3 inches). The arch defines comfort and mobility. Your feet shouldn’t stand at right angle. The inclination is most important.


2-Choose shoes at your real size

And if you feel too tight when you try them, take half a size larger and add a thin sole in leather. “Usually women tends to prefer to wear shoes half a size less than their real size, notices Christian Louboutin. They feel embarrassed with big feet!  But nowadays I sell more frequently 9 than 6”.


3-Adapt your walking style

“Don’t rush with your high heels. They will inevitably slow down your pace. You have to accept it! It’s a more rolling and swaying walking, more feminine. One of my customer told me that she never found Paris as beautiful since she wear high heels because before she was always charging and running as a bull! You see things differently with heels”.


4-Vary your heels height

Wearing high heels reduces Achilles’ tendon muscles. Walking every days with the same heels height will rigidify it. That’s why some women can be hurt wearing flat heels! A non-sense! Varying heels height keep your legs muscles exercised.


5-Start it slowly, step by step.

If you are a basket shoes adept, you won’t wear 6 inches stilettos immediately. “Start first with sandals with a small heel or medium platform shoes. They are much more stable and easy to wear. It will be a good way to begin”, explains Christian Louboutin.

At the beginning, heels have to be stable, not too thin.

large talon


You can also choose shoes with a platform inside the sole (cf. picture).

How to wear high heels, Louboutin

6- Do your training in stairs

“An express way to learn how to walk with high heels: climb stairs up and down! Because, you’ll need to stay focus and to use all your muscles. After this exercise walking on a flat street will seem so easy that you’ll feel like you could run!”


I will add:

– Always try your shoes before buying (of course, it’s true for all kind of shoes). Walk with them in the store. If it hurts: just leave it, you won’t wear it!

– Take good care of your feet. We often forget it while it carry our whole body all day long! Pedicures, footbaths and a good moisture against feet heating are needed.


Best remedies when it hurts

– Small accessories to relief soles of the feet as half silicon insole. They will absorb shocks when you’re walking (Shopping and Dancing by Scholl or Trott and Go).

– Talc (just like professional dancers)

– Ice bags


High heels style advises

– Indentation is important: the more cleavage it is, the sexier it is! (just the same for ballerina flats!)

how to wear high heels a French Lesson




– Colour makes the difference. In Summer choose beige or nude pumps.

As they are in the same colour of your legs, they will look longer!

How to wear high heels

– Same in winter. As you are more likely to wear dark tights, choose dark colour pumps.

how to wear high heels

– If you do have thin legs, you can wear indifferently round toes, square or pointed shoes. But if you don’t (or have large ankles), prefer round toes. It will look nicer. (cf. previous post ).


And most important when you wear high heels, don’t try it too hard. if you want to catch the French women Chic attitude :   don’t play the seduction whole game as for instance, stilettos + short dress + large V-neck + make-up… hum… you don’t want that people think you’re working with « les petites femmes de Paris » in Pigalle street, right ;-)

High heels are powerful weapons for women seduction.  You don’t need to add too much more!

And you? How often do you wear high heels?








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  1. Cécile ~

    This is a très bonne poste ~ fabulous, fabulous!!!!

    It is so specific and gives wonderful ideas! How to choose and how to work up gradually for those of us that don’t wear them much anymore, what to slip into the shoe to make it more comfortable–and talc!

    I especially like the idea of « practicing » on a staircase–think preparation for Métro!

    Now I shall buy heels to wear next time to Paris and for now wear them again in California. Think of all the women, young and old, who are guided so expertly with this advice. W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L.

    Merci, merci. beaucoup!


    • Thanks Solange, I am very happy that you liked it and that it could help you!

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