How to Tie Your Scarf? The French Way

Recently Anna wrote me to ask: “Do you have any tips on wearing scarves? I love them but never quite get them to look as good as French women do. What’s the secret”?

I thought about the way to give you my best advices about it but the thing is that descriptions about how to tie a knot are rather technical and not easy to explain without doing it…

So I finally found a good video tutorial on the Cosmopolitan French website, about “25 ways to tie a scarf ” (wool or silk ones). There are no comment: no need to understand French langage ;-), you just have to watch. And you can stop or go backwards if you need.


tie a scarf

25 ways to tie a scarf


I even learned some new ones that I didn’t knew how to do before ;-)

I also already wrote in a precedent post about Hermes Silk Knots, a new appli (for iPad and iPhone, only). The good thing of it: it’s very clear (step by step with pictures, drawings or films) and you’ll always have it with you!


How to tie a scarf

Hermes Silk Knots App


Hope it will help ! And if you have other questions, don’t be shy: add them in your comments!


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4 commentaires

  1. Thank you so much, Cecile, for the Cosmo link. There are some wonderful ideas so I shall have fun practising!

  2. Well, thank You Anna: you gave me a good suggestion and I also had fun practising new ones I never heard about before ;-)…

  3. Cecile – so good to hear from you and I am delighted with the scarf suggestions. Having arthritis in the neck scarves are an essential part of my wardrobe now. Thank you as always.

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