Get the dream posture with the Up T-shirt

Have you already heard about the Up T-shirt ?
It was born from a simple statement : apart from trained dancers, most people tend to slouch, whether at the computer, standing at the bus stop, or simply moving through a day’s routine.

« Following this observation, I was terribly motivated to find a solution : a good, efficient and beautiful solution« , explains Neda Naef, the french creator of Up T-Shirt

The way to the solution was long though. Very long. But finally, she found it.

The Up T-shirt gives a dream posture to both men and women and acts as a real clothes « friend ». Through its innovative, patented, flexible and pleasant process, it encourages the holding of the shoulders in a beautiful position, which results in a higher and more appealing profile.

Our goal has been to create a beautiful and fashion forward t-shirt in which one would feel better than in any other t-shirt and which would enhance our beauty more than any other garment.

When innovation meets fashion, that’s great ! (I won’t getting paid for this post, I really mean my words !)

To know more about it :

To watch the whole presentation :

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