French Fashion Icons for Summer Inspiration

 I play with famous French Fashion Icons to get different dressing inspirations for this Summer.

Classy, Casual, Boho, Glamourous, Adventurous, Space Age or Lolita style?  What is your favorite one ?

Because in Summer too, we want to stay Chic!

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4 commentaires

  1. Thank you Cecile for the wonderful tips on style that I can use all the time. I really like the styles you displayed for Audrey Tautou and Sophie Marceau. I look forward to reading what you send next.

  2. Hello Cecile! I am so impressed with your blog, and for this entry I am so very pleased to see the fashions your chose for Catherine Deneuve and Ines de la Fressange. They are styles that I, as an older reader, could comfortably wear, and would look very chic wearing.

    Too often I see women who have passed 50 and who have given up on trying to look good. I hope I never do, and with your marvellous sense of style as a guide, I certainly would have no excuse. Thank you!

    • Thank you Rachel! Sorry for the late answer. I was really busy moving from my appartment to another ;-) You’re right, whatever your age, making efforts to look good is a duty. It’s about a duty to oneself!!

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