Best French Image consultant advices to avoid Fashion “Faux Pas”

Oops… Another shopping mistake… a stamped “most trendy” outfit, bought in the euphoria of the moment and that what we finally found unwearable. Don’t panic! With little of “fashion flair”, the “fashion faux pas” will be transformed into a supplement of style. From “Le Figaro Madame“, the French Chic solutions of image consultants in 3 scenarios.

In front of the hypertrophy of trends (and their faster and faster rotations), difficult to make one clear round in shopping fashion. Certain days, our radar bugs: we feel like buying everything and literally anything. Nobody is shielded from a failure but there are nevertheless recurring errors about which we would dream to avoid without reaching there. In every problem its solution: the advice of professionals to counter the most wide-spread trendy lapses.


1-. I picked up the rare pearl…just as 30 millions of other women!

The scene is familiar to us: one afternoon, here we are taken out of a top brand of fast-trendy, tightening against our heart the day booty… An audacious pair of shorts with the Aztec motive which really makes its effect – and the difference, as it is thought! Or a special pantsuit, to the magnificent flowery printed matter, the common herd of which is not going to want. Except that the common herd, which bathes in the same collective unconscious fashion as us, exactly even wanted at the same moment. Result: in the street, everybody parades with the same piece which has nothing more unique. Every season sees the phenomenon reproducing, including for the more selective brands: a best have becomes a garment ” mint condition, never worn ” on eBay, because it was seen and seen again up to the overdose.

pink coat4

The Pink Coat: seen again and again…Up to the overdose?

pink coat

image consultant

Is it serious? We can notice that even chorus girls are not more protected than us of the syndrome I – am – the first one- woman-on-earth-to-wear this…

What are the pro advice? They are subjected to the same temptations but they use trickery! Delphine Perroy, head of the Fashion department of “Madame Figaro”, recommends to assume these trendy purchases kick out, ” but you have to  appropriate it, by mixing it with your own wardrobe, with the most timeless pieces “. Translate: in the case of the suit with flowers, we do not wear it in total look. We mix the top or the bottom with a daily basic item: small black jacket and low-fronted shoes with the pants, for example. Isabelle Thomas, image consultant and author of “Paris Street Style” suggests buying the gimmicks of the season on foreign sites”. They will also sell the Tex-Mex, floral sowing with abundance, but necessarily much less seen than in the top brands of your own country”.


2. My garment is trendy but it goes with nothing

Rose powder, attractive proportions, quality of finishes, in brief irresistible:  we wanted this small leather jacket nude. We have it now! But how are we going to wear it when we do not possess either the perfect skirt in muslin or the chino 7/8th coral, which would pair it so well… It’s another story! How to get this romantic rock style seen in magazines? Especially that now that we are thinking about it: our capillary style is way too far from the ideal one for the proper look: the side fuzzy ponytail is an impossible mission on our stiff square… These cruel questioning are valuable of course for every other object of the improper desire in our wardrobe.


Another  combination with a lovely white lace dress!

image consulting

White tee+ tulle skirt

Is it serious? The UFO garment is a classic error of casting fashion because each of us dreams from time to time to be someone else. Two options. It remains  in the closet as a beautiful museum object, it can be contemplated from time to time by fantasizing about it one day… The other option is: rushing in a ruinous campaign of purchases to complete it – shoes, top, bag, sunglasses – which leaves us even less satisfied, because it will always miss something in that ideal outfit which does not look like us…


How make pros? They release themselves  from the concept of prefabricated outfits. Delphine Perroy says without a doubt: “we have to permit ourselves to be more rational than the creators”. The leather jacket? Yes, but wore without attempting too much, as a jacket, with a shirt, a skirt pencil, and smart heels.


We do not build our style around it. It has to be integrated ino ours. Isabelle Thomas recommends putting on his bed the alien freshly acquired, to mix it with our other clothes and find the good silhouette. “You have to try these experiments without a preconceived idea, just because you find them attractive… Generally, the result works very well. “



3. My look is avant-gardist but not trendy-compatible

Certain days, our wardrobe inspires us audacious bias sometimes even risked. We dare proudly improbable associations, creating a mix and match of ethnic printed or a pleasant mixture of geometrical fifties patterns, very Marni spirit. To be avant-gardist gives us wings but also quite a lot of doubts. Mixing peas with plaids, are we trendy or ridiculous? Are we a misunderstood esthete?  The current trend which consists in mixing everything carefree to match colors – too bourgeois! – is to be handled with a lot of precaution.

mix pois rayures

One and only condition to avoid the trendy drama: “only use two primary colors. plus a black’s touch”.




mélange pois


Is it serious? The fashion blogosphere edit constantly “never seen before” looks, which the common of the mortals finds most of the time exaggerated. An example? Stylist Elisa Nalin, a “style hunters ” reference, and her personal mixtures to be followed or not…

Elisa Nalin a trend hunters reference, and her personal mixtures to be followed


or to be left...

or to be left…



How make pros? Our two experts value the principle of the strong associations: “it gives more strength to too classic clothes when they are separately worn.” Thus, we can mix without damage a shirt with flowers and a plaid jacket or big flowers with peas. “As long as staying in the same cameo, Delphine Perroy prevents. This season, the trendiest will dare to mix very graphic printed matters (peas, volutes, triangles). One and only condition to avoid the trendy drama: ” only use two primary colors. plus a black’s touch. And that’s all! “.


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