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As you can see in Paris streets, French Chic and perfect good looking are an important knowledge that French girls will learn in their very early years.

French Chic       French Chic

College girls by instance will rather use a large Vanessa Bruno « Cabas » or a Longchamp Pliage Bag  than a simple Eastpack backpack!…

Just looking around and listening to their mom’s advice, all French girls will easily learn how to dress.  Time after time they will manage all the main basics about Style and Fashion.

Here are some of their dress code, these very important rules, they will follow all life long, naturally,  without thinking about it.

Clothes do not make the man (or the woman) but you won’t be taken seriously if you’re not well dressed :

This doesn’t mean you always have to wear a skirt suit or a fashion dress. You can be well dressed in simple jeans and a white T-shirt. But you absolutely do need to have the right jeans and the right T-shirt. This is the point. Well-dressed means that you wear clothes that fit you (not too large or too tight), that you wear clothes that are designed, with the good cut of the moment. Well-dressed also means that even with casual clothing you added a little detail that makes the difference :  a nice belt, a creative scarf or an original pendant…

You always get well dressed when you’re outside

At the moment you leave home, you know that people will look at you : looking shabby, outdated or just comfortable without style is out of the question. French women don’t wear yoga pant, sweat pant or oversized t-shirt to walk her dog or buy the traditional baguette bred. They only wear these sports clothes to do some running or fitness!

Being stylish, chic and elegant does not mean being rich and always buying expensive stuff.

As many other women in the world, French women like to shop at chain stores as H&M, Gap or Zara… Why ? Because it’s affordable, Because they’ll find a lot of different style of clothes. Because these clothes fit them and are fashionable too.

But beware : shopping in chain stores the right pieces that will make you feel wonderful need some knowledge. Even if they’re cheap, the clothes have to be :

– in the right color (better choose plain colors than a printed fabric which might look cheap)

– in a good fabric (or it will instantly look cheap)

– well cut

– in the good size for you

– rather classical (too fashionable pieces in these chain stores will rather look like pale copies of genuine designer clothes)


Some pieces don’t support mediocrity

French women invest in few expensive timeless high-quality pieces. That will form the basis of their closets and then they bring them up to date with special accessories. In their closets, you will find

– A jacket or a blazer : well cut, in a good fabric, easy piece to wear with a skirt, a dress or a pant

– A coat : always in a good fabric (wool or cashmere)

– Nice shoes : ballet flats, black heels, riding boots : they are all well designed and in a very good leather (shoes more than everything else do not support to be cheap and mediocre !!). And please, except for tennis shoes or sports shoes no white shoes, never !

– A least two handbags : and at least a black one. Quality here is most important. The material has to be organic: it can be leather, canvas, straw or furs… Better have just a single genuine bag than differents fake luxury label. Don’t run either to buy the last It bag of the season. It would be just outdated in few months. You have to find what is the iconic bag for you. And just as for shoes, bags do not support to be cheap and mediocre (better have canvas than plastic, fake leather or polyester !).

You can find IT handbags here, for less

Always avoid the Fashion victim total look

If a Parisian woman had to choose between wearing an outdated suit or a complete coordinated fashion outfit, they’ll definitely choose the first one ! At least she could personalise the suit with up to date accessories and says that she decided to dress in a vintage style… Parisian just can stand wearing a total look. That means such a lack of research and free spirit ! A clever mix of styles and labels (even chic and cheap ones) is the clue when it comes to dressing like Parisian women !

  Never use highly visible logos to demonstrate how “fashionable” you are

For Parisian women, visible designer labels are not synonyms of good taste, chic or elegance. They just mean that you want to show how expensive your clothes are. And money, as we already said has nothing to do with style. Of course a genuine Chanel bag or Kelly Hermes one will make the difference. But wearing in a Parisian way, they will be mix with a casual dress or a jeans…

You can’t look good if you put comfort first, but you have to feel good in what you wear…

This rule is rather subtle. I explain : You do not put comfort first means that your only choice standard should not be comfort. The clothes you buy also have to be well designed, fashionable, in a good color, a good fabric….

Still, you’ll never look good in a dress that is too tight or too long for you, in shoes with heels too high, and so on. The secret of good style is to feel good in what you wear. The Parisians know their shape, what suits them and matche their lifestyle.

It’s because you feel well in the perfect dress for you that you will feel more feminine and confident in your natural power of seduction !

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