Almost Ready for Christmas?

Christmas tree? Done,

What about this one?

What about this one?

Christmas cards? Done ; Christmas menu? Done ; Christmas gifts? Done (almost)…

Well, no need to say, you were busy these last days…

But what about you? Are you ready to shine under the Chrismas tree?



I already wrote a post about « What to wear for Christmas and New Year eves »


Let’s see what you can do to look at your best!

1/ Before getting dressed think first about your morphology

Your silhouette is in A, V, H, I, X ?? Certain shapes and cuts are flattering for you, some are not…

Let’s see…

If you don’t like what is happening under your bust (wide hips, saddlebags, round thighs… ) and if you have a marked waist go for a dress that flares from the waist.

Like these ones

 robe évasée robe-evasee-bi-matiere


If you like your arms and shoulders, chose a strapless dress


Robe Petit Bateau on


But if you don’t like them, prefer a nice and elegant jacket

Tuxedo jacket Comptoir des Cotonniers

Tuxedo Comptoir des Cotonniers

If you think that your silhouette is too round:  don’t hide behind a large and undefined shape dress. Prefer a dress in a fluid (but not too thin) fabric with a neckline or a sheer section.

Dress Virginie Castaway

Dress Virginie Castaway

Dress  Clo&Se by MonShowroom

Clo&Se by MonShowroom


a dress in a fluid fabric from Asos

a dress in a fluid fabric
from Asos

If you don’t feel like wearing a dress (or a skirt). Go for a nice top (a neckline silk blouse or a sparkling sequin sweater) to light up your pant.


Or choose a chic jumpsuit.

Jumsuit Asos

Jumpsuit Asos

from Asos too

from Asos too


2/ Cheat (just a little) with your worst figures

With good underwears (minimizer bras, push-up bras…) or shapewear, many problems can be solved: you want to slim your legs, your hips, your thights…

For an other « no-scalpel chirurgy effect », why not trying the new Wonderstripes? An instant eye lifting without surgery, that’s what it promises… Easy to use, made of skin friendly, transparent silicone, these patches open your eyelid for a fresh and younger glance.




3/ Be ready in 5 minutes (OK let’s say 10!)…

Wash your hairs, use your usual conditionner or a good hair oil (like Kerastase Elixir Ultime) and dry your hairs  putting your head upside down. Like this…

séche cheveux


Then brush them « coiffé décoiffé » (wavy like Charlotte Gainsbourg :-)


Do a make-up « à la française ». I mean light and natural…

First, use a BB cream rather than a foundation. My favorite : Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

Then a good concealer that combat wrinkles and dark rings under the eyes. My favorite: Yves Saint Laurent « Touche Eclat » (Radiant Touch)

and Yves Saint Laurent Top Secret Flash Radiance Skincare brush


A touch of pink blush and a brightening face primer for the cheekbone


A red (real red) lipstick for the glamour…

Lipstick Clarins

Lipstick Clarins


Et Voila! You’re ready now!!

I take the opportunity of this post to thank you so much for such a wonderful year. I loved reading all your kind and thoughful comments and emails. Very much looking forward to share with you new exciting adventures in 2015. I’ll try to write more constanstly and I hope finishing soon a brand new « How to get dressed Effortless Chic » Guide (still working on it…).

(PS : The Guide is ready now ;)… Have a look here…)


Pere noel

Happy holidays and all the best for the end of the year Celebrations. I whish you to share all this very precious moments with your beloved family and friends! And as we say in French:

Joyeux N


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  1. Thank you for this post, Cecile! I love all your choices, particularly the the Clo&Se and the jumpsuits. And I shall certainly be ordering the Wonderstripes. Drooping eyelids are my biggest beauty challengeso thansk for the solution.

    Happy Christmas and keep posting in the New Year.

    • Thank you Anna. I’m happy I found you a solution for this beauty challenge!

  2. Thank you do much for these posts, Cecile! I enjoy getting them very much! Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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