All about Parisian Chic – 6 Point Guide to the Parisian Gene Code

If you want a book to help you find your own « French Style », this is it ! The one you need ! « Parisian Chic », A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange.  For the ones who didn’t heard about  Mrs  de la Fressange, let’s say she is France icon of chic.

In the 1980’s, she became the first model to sign an exclusive modeling contract with Chanel and then became Karl Lagerfeld’s first muse. In this book she shares her personal tips for style and beauty, gleaned from decades in the fashion industry. She perfectly defines the Parisian DNA : « Parisian style is an attitude, a state of mind. Between rocker and ho-hum bourgeois, a Parisian steps lightly around the fashion traps of the day. (…) The Parisian follows a few golden rules, but she likes to transgress too. It’s part of the style ».

How to dress ? Here’s her 6 point guide to the Parisian gene code.

1/Outfits are out ! Knowing how to mix styles and labels is essential.

2/Bye-Bye Bling ! Never look too rich : glitter and logos are not her thing. Her definition of luxury ? A brand that garantees good taste, rather than an all-too obvious price tag.

3/Explore, J’adore ! The Parisian loves discovering new labels, espacially if they are creative and affordably priced.

4/If it feels good, wear it ! The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear (but never in a neglected way)

5/Worship, no idols ! Her personal fashion idol may not be famous. Like the best fashion designers, she takes inspiration from street style.

6/ Beware of good taste ! Know how to take liberties with fashion’s dictates. Some rules are meant to be broken. Fashion is constantly evolving, and that’s what makes it so interesting !

So, just as Ines says : « You don’t need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style ».


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